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ロボット教室【親子教室】「初めてのプログラミング ~レゴWeDoを使って~(元気な応援団)」

Robot classroom [Parent-child classroom] "First programming-using LEGO WeDo- (energetic cheering party)"

Hamagin Space Science Center 1F Classroom 
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Parents and children will learn programming and robot assembly while playing with colorful Lego. Parents and children (We) will support the team grandly (Do) and create a cheerful cheering party together!
This classroom will be attended by parents and two people.

Capacity: 10 groups, 20 people Target: 2nd grade to 3rd grade elementary school students and their guardians Application: Apply in advance using the "application form" on the website.
Please specify the following contents.
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1. Classroom name 2. Name (furigana) 3. Grade 4. Zip code 5. Address
6. Phone number 7. Email address
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Application period: Must arrive from April 23 (Thursday) to May 23 (Saturday)