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Space Theater (Planetarium) "HAYABUSA2 -RETURN TO THE UNIVERSE-"

Hamagin Space Science Center 1F Space Theater (Planetarium) 
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"There were a lot of people who had a lot of thoughts about Hayabusa."
The Hayabusa2 mission to take over Hayabusa was postponed many times, and was once cornered to the point where it was impossible to realize. However, the voices of many people who support Hayabusa2 are gathering from all over Japan, and the mission will make a big move toward realization. An ion engine with greater thrust, a Ka-band antenna capable of transmitting a large amount of data, three Minerva 2 and MASCOT exploring the surface of the asteroid, and an impactor device that artificially creates craters. While introducing the Hayabusa2 aircraft, we will approach the details of the mission. (About 29 minutes)
We will also explain the starry sky for about 16 minutes.

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    ・ April 1st (Wednesday) -5th (Sunday), 29th (Wednesday / holiday) Every day from 11:15 to 16:00 ・ April 11th (Sat) to 28th (Tuesday), 30th ( Thu) Weekdays 16: 00-, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 14: 15-Approximately 45 minutes each time Closed: April 6th (Mon) -8th (Wed), 20th (Mon) * April 9th (Thu) and 10 There is no projection on Sunday (Friday) due to program replacement.
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    5-2-1 Yokodai, Isogo-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
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    Adults 600 yen, 4 years old to junior high school students 300 yen (separate admission fee required) * Children under 3 years old will be charged if they use the seats.
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    Hamagin Space Science Center TEL 045-832-1166
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