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東京佼成ウインドオーケストラ with 八神純子~指揮・編曲:藤野浩一


Chigasaki Citizens' Cultural Center Large Hall 

乐团充满活力的声音和柔美的歌声<br> 日本世界级铜管乐队“东京河西管弦乐团”的最高峰
WINDS的世界和再次在日本开始活动的“Junko Yagami”的原创歌曲。

■ Part 1-东京河西管弦乐团
Siciliano (Solo Yasuto Tanaka)

■ Part 2-Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra with Junko Yagami Tsubasa Polar Star Mizuiro no Ame 等

  • Event Date
  • Hour
    16:00 start (15:30 open)
  • Address
    1-11-1 Chigasaki, Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture 253-0041
  • Appearance
    [Conductor / Arrangement] Koichi Fujino (Music Advisor) [Performance] Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra [Song] Junko Yagami
  • Ticket type / Fee
    All seats reserved General: 5,500 yen Elementary, junior high and high school students: 2,500 yen * Seats for elementary, junior high and high school students are on the rear part of the 2nd floor. Please note that the general charge will be applied to accompanying guests (general). * Seats for elementary, junior high and high school students are sold only at <Tokyo Labor Sound Fuchu Center> <Shonan Living Shimbun> <Chigasaki Citizens' Cultural Center>. * Please refrain from entering or accompanying preschoolers.
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    ● Tokyo Labor Sound Fuchu Center TEL 042-334-8471 WEB http://www.ro-on.jp ● Kawakami Bookstore Kayagasaki Lasca Stationery Department 0467-87-3826 ● Hasegawa Musical Instrument Store Main Store 0467-85-1725 ● Music House Uchida 0467-82-3918 ● Shonan Living Shimbun 0466-27-7411 ● Shonan Yomiuri Shimbun 0466-50-5088 ● Ginmidou (in front of Tsujido Station) 0466-36-5131 ● Ginza Yamano Musical Instruments Hiratsuka Lasca Store 0463-27-1930 ● Taraba Shobo (West Exit of Kamakura Station) 0467-22-2492 ● Shimamori Book Store (East Exit of Kamakura Station) 0467-22-0266 ● Atsugi Music Dream 046-297-3933 ● Ticket Pia TEL 0570-02-9999 P Code 254- 211 ● Lawson Ticket TEL 0570-000-777 L Code 37452 ● CN Play Guide TEL 0570-08-9999 ● Eplus WEB http://eplus.jp ● Rakuten Ticket WEB http://rt.jp ● Chigasaki Citizens' Cultural Center 0467 -85-1123
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    Tokyo Labor Sound Fuchu Center 042-334-8471
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