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ガールズ ビー アンビシャス!~横浜山手のミッション・スクール~
Art / photography

Girls Be Ambitious! ~ Yokohama Yamate Mission School ~

Yokohama Archives of History Museum 
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Yokohama is the birthplace of mission schools. Female missionaries and nuns who were assigned to Japan in the early Meiji era embarked on the establishment of a girls' school, believing that it was necessary for Japan to rush to modernization and to educate and improve the status of women. Since 1871, small schools have been opened one after another in Yamate with the common purpose of conveying Christianity and contributing to girls' education in Japan. From the school, many Ambitious Girls who broaden their horizons and take a new step through a wide range of subjects such as English, music and physical education and a homely environment were born. In this exhibition, we will take up five girls' mission schools born in Yamate, Yokohama, trace the path based on the materials held by each school, and the role that these girls' mission schools played in Yokohama's girls' education. Think about.

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