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野町和嘉 写真展「聖地巡礼」 第2期 イスラーム、アフリカ、エチオピア黙示録
Art / photography

Kazuyoshi Nomachi Photo Exhibition "Sacred Place Pilgrimage" Phase 2 Islam, Africa, Ethiopia Apocalypse

Kanagawa Prefectural Global Citizen Kanagawa Plaza Planning Exhibition Room (3rd floor) 
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Photographer Kazuyoshi Nomachi visited the Sahara Desert in his mid-20s and was fascinated by the scale of the earth and the toughness of people living in a harsh climate, and he continues to take documentary photographs to this day. I have come. For more than 40 years, the coverage area covers the entire Nile basin, Ethiopia, Tibet, and the Andes, and has continued to look at "the earth and prayer" on a global scale.

In this exhibition, 160 works will be exhibited in the first and second periods, capturing the people who live in harsh lands such as the scorching desert and the extreme highlands, and the prayer scenes that support their daily lives. Introducing the results of Tanomachi's world coverage.
Phase 1 Ganga, Andes <br> Date: March 13th (Friday) -March 29th (Sunday)

Second Islam, Africa, Ethiopia Apocalypse Session: April 2 (Thursday) -April 19 (Sunday)

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