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いしばし めぐみ展 -め組のかたち-
Art / photography

Megumi Ishibashi Exhibition -Shape of Megumi-

Sagamihara Citizen's Gallery Art Spot 
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* Closed from December 31st (Wednesday) to January 3rd (Saturday)

"Gallery Staff Selection" is a series project that introduces artists related to the city at the small exhibition corner "Art Spot" of the Sagamihara Citizen's Gallery. This time, the 52nd time, I would like to introduce Megumi Ishibashi. Ishibashi has an atelier in Sagamihara City, and is a noted writer who is expected to be more active in the future, such as receiving the 10th Joshibi University of Art and Design Paris Award from the Fumiko Omura Foundation. He produces sculptures such as FRP (fiber reinforced plastic) and terracotta (unglazed unglazed), and is characterized by vivid colors and intense eyes. In this exhibition, three-dimensional works and watercolor paintings will be exhibited to introduce the artist's world of work. Please enjoy it slowly.

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