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藤野芸術の家 第4回 音フェス                    音楽スタジオ、ホール利用者による、音楽フェスティバル
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Fujino Art House 4th Sound Festival Music Studio, Music Festival by Hall Users

Kanagawa Prefectural Fujino Art House Creation Hall 
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A live event where you can enjoy music casually with free admission and free entry and exit! Enjoy live music of various genres such as rock, classical and Hawaiian!
Also pay attention to the elaborate sound and lighting productions that the students of the acoustic lighting technology class sponsored by Fujino Art House support in practice!

  • Event Date
  • Hour
    Doors open 12:30 Start 13:00
  • Address
    4819 Magino, Midori-ku, Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture
  • Appearance
    Fujino Art House Studio, Hall User ・ Maeo Islanders (Hawaiian) ・ m ・ a ・ p ・ s (Contemporary Music) ・ La Scene (Rock) ・ Rock E Joker (Rock) ・ THE BACKS Team K (Rock)・ Back Yard Brothers (Rock)
  • Ticket type / Fee
    ◎ Free admission
  • Ticket Info
    ● Free entry and exit
  • Contact
    Kanagawa Prefectural Fujino Art House 4819 Magino, Midori-ku, Sagamihara TEL 042-689-3030
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