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海外活動報告会vol.4番外編 「ルーマニア・シビウ」報告パーティ!


Theater Center F 

剧院中心F关注活跃在海外的剧院人的动态,并举办和存档汇报会。第四个是额外的版本,味道略有不同。作为志愿者参加了罗马尼亚特兰西瓦尼亚锡比乌国际戏剧节的成员,今年 6 月顶了 F 大楼!我们将举办一个兼作体验报告会的派对。

[参考] EU-Japan Fest Japan 委员会的志愿者招募指南 → http://eu-japanfest.org/n-program/volunteer.html

  • Event Date
  • Hour
    19:00 Open 22:00 Open
  • Address
    Kogane-X Lab., 2-43-6 Hatsune-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa.
  • Appearance
    ▼ Member Kaoru Kobori Southeastern United States is the second home! I'm 26 years old. Mayumi Taniguchi This is the Sibiu Volunteer Reception Office. Kanako Tsutsumi A 25-year-old resident of Sasebo who likes cross-cultural exchange and music. Yasuo Sakaki Engaged in the management and operation of theaters and rehearsals at a certain place in Tokyo. Chiemi Fukumori Choreographer / Performer / Theater Director Yosuke Hosoi Video Director Yuka Tamura Traveler Mihoko Watanabe Twenty-two Associations. In charge of direction
  • Ticket type / Fee
    ▼ Participation fee: 500 yen ▼ Capacity: 15 people (Reception will end as soon as the capacity is reached)
  • Ticket Info
    ▼ Reservation method: The subject is [Overseas activity report meeting, Mihoko Watanabe, reservation], 1. Name 2. Number of people 3. Contact information (email address / phone number), info@tcf-project. Please contact us at net. Your reservation will be completed with a reply.
  • Contact
    Theater Center F [TEL] 090-2411-8217 [MAIL] info@tcf-project.net
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