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〈プロジェクト〉 +東山佳永+安永哲郎『うつりゆく』

<Project> + Yoshino Kimura + Tetsuro Yasunaga "Utsuri Yuku"

The Hakone Open Air Museum Main Building Gallery Mezzanine 
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"Tomoki Yasui / silence" exhibition related event. A round-trip letter with the performance of Yoshino Kimura, who became the new model, and the music of Tetsuro Yasunaga. Over time, Higashiyama himself, a sculpture (a virtual image called Yoshino Kimura), and a musician will build the atmosphere of a human figure. A musician who sees the scenery that Higashiyama sees through correspondence with the sculpture, puts out what is enclosed with the contents of the letter, what makes a sound, a score or an instruction (drawing like a landscape), etc. I will reply by installing it on the opposite wall. As the number of events increases, the progress of the project will be accumulated in the venue.

[Date of stay at Yoshinaga Higashiyama] Date: September 23 (Tuesday / holiday), November 8 (Saturday), January 17, 2015 (Saturday), February 21 (Saturday)

  • Event Date
  • Hour
    10: 00-12: 00/13: 00-16: 00
  • Address
    1121 Ninotaira, Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa
  • Appearance
    Yoshino Kimura
  • Ticket type / Fee
    You can see it at the museum admission fee. Adults 1600 yen, university / high school students 1200 yen Junior high school / elementary school students 800 yen * Every Saturday is a family special day (5 elementary and junior high school students are free for each guardian)
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    The Hakone Open Air Museum TlEL.0460-82-1161
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