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ベン・シャーンと ジョルジュ・ルオー
Art / photography

Ben Shahn and Georges Rouault

Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of Modern Art Kamakura Annex 
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Ben Shahn and Georges Rouault. The two painters, who are about one generation, are active mainly in New York for Sharn and Paris for Luau, and have no direct relationship with their painting business or life. However, for these two people, they value the colors of contours, lines, and black, and their work extends from painting and print production to design, and what they learned from art school while experiencing the world of craftsmen. There are some things in common. Also, above all, despite the different ways of expression, they have deep humanism and joy at the bottom of their work against the difficult times of the 20th century, and quietly to us standing in front of them. However, it appeals with great power.
This time, two art books, Luau's art book "Micerele" and Sharn's art book "For a line of poetry ...: From Rilke's The Notebook of Malte", are exhibited, and several works each. I will introduce it in addition to.

* Closed on Mondays during the exhibition period (however, it will be open on July 21st and September 15th)

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    9:30 am-5 pm (admission until 4:30 pm)
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    2-8-1 Yukinoshita, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture
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    (Exhibitor) Ben Shahn Georges Rouault
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    General 250 (150) yen, under 20 years old / students 150 (100) yen, 65 years old and over and high school students 100 yen * () is for groups of 20 or more. * Free for junior high school students and younger and those with a disability certificate. Please contact us for other discounts.
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    Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of Modern Art Kamakura tel. 0467-22-5000
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