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山手西洋館・華Art work in progress 2014  〰花木〰
Art / photography

Yamate Western Pavilion / Hana Art work in progress 2014 〰Flower tree〰

Berrick Hall, Ehrismann Residence 
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The Ehrismann Residence, which is the largest historic building in the Spanish style of the Yamate foreigner's residence in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, has a slightly different atmosphere from other Western-style buildings.
Seasons with the theme of "flower arrangement / flower color" in each living room, dining room, master's study, bedroom, palm room, sigh bedroom, guest bedroom, wife's bedroom, solarium, and outdoor spaces such as the eastern house on the premises. This is an exhibition of contemporary ikebana by a flower arrangement artist as an artist involved in the study room.

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    9: 30-17: 00
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    Yamate Town 72
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    Ikebana Planning Group, Flower Arrangement Association
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    free entrance
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    TEL 090-8846-7842 MAIL 0663@omuro-net.com
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