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"Shibusashirazu" Machinaka parade / mini-live

Elephant nose terrace 
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No reservation required. Jump-in participation is also OK.
Why don't you go for a walk in Yokohama with Shibusashirazu?

KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theater will hold a parade in the town of the jas band "Shibusashirazu" in collaboration with the art festival "Yokohama Sound Festival 2013" held by Yokohama City. This is an attempt to take a step outside the theater, spread the charm and enjoyment of performing arts, and make the city of Yokohama lively.

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The popular jazz band "Shibusashirazu" is sweeping the world's art festivals with various performances such as dance and art based on jazz. Along with the "Shibusashirazu", we will hold a unique parade + mini-live. Prior to the event, a publicly recruited parade performance corps (20 people, advance application required) ← Call for links on the WS page. The publicly recruited performance team and members of Shibusashirazu will parade together and liven up the city of Yokohama with sound and performance.

The venue will be around Yamashita Park-Hikawa Maru and Zou-no-hana Terrace Park, starting from KAAT. There will also be a mini-live at Hikawa Maru and Zou-no-hana Park. In addition to performances and performances, this is a fun program where you can enjoy a spectacular view of Yokohama, such as the large pier, bay bridge, and red brick warehouse along the way along the beach. No reservation is required for viewing. Jump-in participation is also OK.
Why don't you go for a walk in Yokohama with Shibusashirazu?

September 28th (Sat) 15:30 KAAT start-walking in Yamashita Park
→ Around 16:20 NYK Hikawamaru Shipboard Mini Live (NYK Hikawamaru http://www.nyk.com/rekishi/ )

September 29 (Sun) 15:30 KAAT Start-Walking in Elephant Nose Park
→ Around 16:30 Elephant Nose Terrace Park Mini Live (Elephant Nose Terrace http://www.zounohana.com/ )
* In rainy weather, the parade will be changed to a mini-live in the KAAT atrium. In that case, http: // www.We will inform you at kaat.jp/.

  • Event Date
  • Hour
    15:30 KAAT start-walking in Elephant Nose Park
  • Address
    1-chome, Kaigandori, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
  • Appearance
    Shibusashirazu and others
  • Ticket type / Fee
    Viewing the parade: No reservation required
  • Contact
    KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theater / 045-633-6500
  • URL