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ミュージカル はだしのゲン
Theater / dance

Musical Barefoot Gen

Kawasaki Art Center Arterio Small Theater 
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A musical version of Barefoot Gen, an autobiographical manga by Keiji Nakazawa, a manga artist serialized in "Weekly Shonen Jump" since 1973. Since its premiere in 1996, it has been performed overseas repeatedly, "Looking back at the past and looking at the present and looking for the future."

On the morning of August 6, 1945, an American bomber B29 flew over Hiroshima and an "atomic bomb" was dropped, and Gen witnessed the burning of his father, sister, and brother. Gen, along with his mother and sister born in the burn, accepts the temperament of his father, who continued to say, "This war is wrong," and survives with a straight heart like green wheat.

  • Start Day
  • End Day
  • Hour
    30th (Fri) 18:30 start (18:00 opening) 31st (Sat) 13:30 start (13:00 opening)
  • Address
    6-7-1 Manpukuji, Asao-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa
  • Appearance
    Original by Keiji Nakazawa Screenplay, lyrics and direction Kyo Kijima Composition Keikichi Takahashi Starring Fumiko Ono Teruhiko Oyomi Chikako Hashimoto Ayame Hirose Yuko Buda Hiromichi Hasegawa Atsuo Hasegawa Eri Ogawa Mayumi Akanabe Masaaki Maeda
  • Ticket type / Fee
    All seats reserved General 4,800 yen Student 3,000 yen * Student tickets are only available at Kiyama office
  • Ticket Info
    ● Kiyama Office [TEL] 03-5958-0855 ● Ticket Pia [TEL] 0570-02-9999 (P code 428-860) ● Kawasaki Art Center [Counter] 3 minutes walk from the north exit of Shin-Yurigaoka Station on the Odakyu Line (9: 30-19: 30, closed on the second Monday of every month)
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    Kiyama Office 03-5958-0855 (Weekdays 10: 00-18: 00)
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