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Yokohama Sound Festival 2013-To the Sea of Music-

Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall, cultural and tourist facilities in various parts of the city, etc. 
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Yokohama Sound Festival 2013-To the Sea of Music-
YOKOHAMA OTOMATSURI 2013 ~ Welcome to the Music Ocean ~

Basic policy of "Basic concept of Yokohama city cultural art creative city policy" that summarizes the basic idea of future policy development regarding cultural art creative city in Yokohama city 4
Based on "disseminating advanced cultural arts unique to Yokohama that will lead to the promotion of liveliness and tourism MICE, both domestically and internationally"

Widespread public participation and nurturing the next generation Disseminate the appeal of the city both domestically and internationally through world-class cultural arts Creation of liveliness and economic revitalization

"Yokohama Sound Festival 2013" will be held with the following three Yokohama-like features as the basic concept.

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