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Tokyo Ballet "Giselle" All 2 Acts

Kamakura Art Museum Large Hall 
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Mizuka Ueno, the principal dancer of the Tokyo Ballet, is fascinated by her outstanding skill and deep expressiveness. The true value of the 18th romantic ballet of the ballet company is the birthplace of modern ballet and the birthplace of Ueno, where it finally blooms here in Kamakura. The most beautiful corps de ballet is a masterpiece.

  • Event Date
  • Hour
    14:30 opening / 15:00 start
  • Address
    6-1-2 Ofuna, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture
  • Appearance
    Mizuka Ueno (Giselle), Naoki Takagishi (Albrecht) Kazuo Kimura (Hilarion), Yuko Tanaka (Mirta), etc. * This performance uses a specially edited sound source. Choreography / Direction: J. Corrali, J. Perot, M. Petipa, L. Lavlovsky Revised Choreography (Pas de deux): V. Vasiliev Music: Adolphe Adam Art / Costume: Nicola Benowa
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    All seats reserved S seat 7,000 yen A seat 6,000 yen B seat 4,000 yen
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    Kamakura Arts Center Ticket Center 0120-1192-40
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