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ロバート・キャパ/ゲルダ・タロー 二人の写真家
Art / photography

Robert Capa / Gerda Taro Two Photographers

Yokohama Museum of Art 
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A century has passed since the birth of Andre Friedman (born 1913 / died in 1954), one of the most prominent photographers in the world, known as "Robert Capa".

However, the fact that the name "Robert Capa" was originally a fictional photographer created by Friedman and the German woman Gerda Taro (real name Gerda Taro, born 1910 / died in 1937) , Little known.

This exhibition will consist of two "single exhibitions" of photographic works by Capa and Taro. Robert Capa, who is still extremely popular 50 years after his death, and Gerda Taro, who was rarely introduced behind the scenes. With about 300 abundant photographic works and related materials, while tracing the trajectory of their lives and activities, we will highlight the deep connection and difference in individuality between the two.

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