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The magic of music drunk nearby-the pleasure of chamber music

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Feel free to enjoy!   Living with a concert
File.7 chamber music fun
Saburo Mori
(music writer)

The expression of the tense air and habit that drifts among the performers.
A relaxed and enjoyable face that occasionally peeks out.
And intimate communication with the audience.
Yes, let's go to chamber music!

By the way, what is chamber music in the first place?
I can't deny that it's a quiet presence compared to orchestral songs, opera, and piano songs.
Personally, it is one of the most attractive forms of classical music! I can say that ...

In English "Chamber Music" = music played indoors.
“Musica da Camera” is the same meaning in Italy as the home of classical music.
In short, it is not a large space such as a church or a theater, but a small group of music played in the lobby or between the guests.
(Of course, it is usually held in the music hall now)
Because it is well established as a genre, it is not called “outdoor music” even if it is performed in a large hall or outdoors, but “chamber music” is “chamber music”. By the way, piano solos are usually not included in “chamber music” even if they are played indoors.
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There are many small instruments originally from pre-Baroque
Classic = Orchestra = Burn !
It's been around since the middle of the 18th century, and in the times of Haydn and Mozart.
Beethoven appeared, and in the early Twentieth Century Mahler, it became normal to perform in a large orchestra with well over 100 people.
Classic will grow!

On the other hand, the composer kept making chamber music. Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms, and even modern composers.
For amateur instrument lovers to play.
In order to highlight the masterpieces of the overwhelmingly skilled, that is, extremely sophisticated performers.
And above all, for the creative challenges unique to the cut-down organization / number of sounds, for the expression of the inner world.

A small universe of music by 2 violins + viola, cello, string quartet.
A piano quintet that includes a piano.
Others, stringed instruments and wind instruments, trio and duo in various combinations.

Earlier, I wrote that it was a sober existence, but in fact there are a lot of chamber music concerts every day. From global artists to energetic young people. As a plan by a well-matched music companion and a presentation for students of a music college student and music class.
The advantage of the small and relatively small venues is the intimacy, to say the least.
Some people say that "listen to the sound only" because it is music, but still the amount of visual information is large. It may be due to my lack of concentration, but remember the impression of the orchestra I heard in the big hall I often remember how strangely the violinist bows and walks I saw in a small hall, though often there is nothing.
And it is natural but the sound is close. Because there is a lot of organization for each instrument one by one, it is nice to be easy to understand who is producing which sound.
An arabesque created by sounds and sounds. Pleasure to immerse in nature and music while chasing with ears, eyes and chase.
Oh, the joy of listening to chamber music!

Personally, I prefer to go to recitals for young players such as violin and cello. A duo with the piano, playing sonatas and crafty small pieces, sometimes challenging with unaccompanied solos, and dazzling for sincere performances.
It is a rude story to write "challenge", and although there are many young people who have a good career and ability even if you are young, it is a classic that also requires maturity. Please forgive me.
Rather than listening to a strangely mature performance, I would like to touch the breezy, youthful individuality, and to get excited and excited, as the selfish hope of the listener.

Well, the concert to pick up this time.
First of all, from the Philia Hall, a sacred place for chamber music that Kanagawa Prefecture boasts, will be playing German freshman Veronica Eberle.
The focus is on Frank's Sonata. I look forward to talking with Mari Kodama, a pianist who has established a reputation as an international pianist.
Please tear in the famous song.

Saturday Soiree Series "Meeting with Goddess"
Date and time: September 7 (Sat) 17:00 opening (16:30 opening)
Venue: Philia Hall (Yokohama Aoba Ward Cultural Center)
Violin: Veronica Eberle
Piano: Mari Kodama
Program: Frank Violin Sonata Major and others
Price: S seat 5,000 yen / A seat 4,000 yen
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(c) Felix + Broede

And from the wonderful project “Yokohama Sound Festival 2019 Yokohama 18 Ward Concert” to be held in all 18 administrative districts of Yokohama, a violin recital of Yamane Kazuhito and Moriri Bunka.
The two have already experienced performing with leading orchestras, but both are still in their 20s. Now that I can listen to it, I want to keep my heart pounding.

"Yokohama sound festival 2019"
■ Yokohama 18 ward concert Isogo ward

Date and time: October 10 (Thu) 14:00 start (13:30 opening)
Venue: Sugita Theater (Kazuko Ward Cultural Center)
Violin: Kazuhito Yamane
Piano: Shimano Ayano
Program: Brahms Violin Sonata No. 2 in A major and others
Price: All seats specified 2,500 yen

Yokohama 18 Ward Concert Sakae Ward
Date and time: October 11 (Fri) 14:00 opening (13:30 opening)
Venue: Sakaeikon
Violin: Kazuhito Yamane
Piano: Shimada Ayano
Program: Brahms Violin Sonata No. 2 in A major and others
Price: All seats specified 2,500 yen

Yokohama 18 Ward Concert Tsurumi Ward
Date and time: October 15 (Tuesday) 14:00 opening (13:30 opening)
Venue: Monkey Beer Hall Music Hall (Tsurumi Ward Cultural Center)
Violin: Furika Mori
Viola: Reiko Tahara
Program: Martino Violin and Double for duo No. 1 "3 Madrigals" and others
Price: All seats specified 2,500 yen

Yokohama 18 ward concert Hodogaya ward
Date and time: October 16 (Wednesday) 14:00 opening (13:30 opening)
Venue: Iwama Citizen Plaza
Violin: Furika Mori
Piano: Yuya Tsuda
Program: Schubert fantasy for violin and piano in C major D 934 and others
Price: All seats specified 2,500 yen
Yokohama 18 Ward Concert Konan Ward
Date and time: October 17th (Thu) 14:00 opening (13:30 opening)
Venue: Sunflower Town (Konan Ward Cultural Center)
Violin: Furika Mori
Piano: Yuya Tsuda
Program: Schubert fantasy for violin and piano in C major D 934 and others
Price: All seats specified 2,500 yen
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How about a "town is classic" lineup?
The charm of chamber music that I can not talk about yet.
The continuation is over again.
See you soon!