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Free! Surreal! Straight ball! A unique Kuka World

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Kanagawa Gallery Walk
Shimono Yamamoto (Galley Watts)

A colorful and cute picture in the flyer I suddenly saw. On the light blue background, the creatures of the sea are drawn around the mysterious woman's co. “N? I observed it with a free summer vacation,” the memories of a long time ago suddenly revived, and I was attracted by the picture that seemed like a modern version of Sea Monkey, and I wanted to see the real thing. . GALLERY COOCA in Hiratsuka is the first time to see the venue.

If you pass through the shopping street at the west exit of Hiratsuka Station! What ?! A building like a movie set at a wide intersection. “It's cool!” The destination was unintentionally here.

When you enter the entrance with a retro feeling, it is a rustic modern stylish cafe. The back is a counter.
The gallery space is on the other side of the white panel. There was a line of light pictures that brought me here.
This author is Justin Ikeda. Her works are always accompanied by English sentences, which are everyday events and memories. Strange black lines, paintings composed of well-painted colors, and a strange everyday life are very strange.

And the combination of colors will tickle your heart.
“I like rainbow colors, so I often use seven colors. I'm doing well,” says Justine.
“The bird in the back is an unusual nuance for Justine,” explained Ms. Kitakozawa, director of the Kuka facility. “Simple facial figures and creatures with round outlines often appear in her distinctive pattern. I feel like I draw one after another without losing my mind. I think it's a shape that impressed me. ''

A heart of a wide range Ms. Justine's cute picture is also incorporated into corporate designs such as cosmetic packages and T-shirts.

Now, in one corner of the gallery, there is a corner where artists can work, and today, drawing paper and paint are being expanded.

Suddenly, a man appeared saying "I'm sorry!" The ridicule of speed riding without stumbling is concluded with a powerful word, "Your wish will surely be fulfilled!"
His name is Taro Ito, also known as Taro Sakai. It is one of Kuka artists. Mr. Taro is good at remembering and making many of the same things.

There is such a big version of Kumade.某 It's a big deal because IT companies say they have orders at the end of the year.
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There are many other unique artists such as those who put models and actress pinups on the wall of the desk and create many beautiful women, those who make a weak three-dimensional mood, and those who are good at performance, etc. Is said to belong to.

“Kuka is an atelier for people with handicap,” says Kitazawa.
“Here, I am aiming to be able to work and play well with what I want to do and what I am good at.”

People who are good at cooking are active in cafes. “At first it was just a sandwich, but there were individual differences in how to apply the sauce. I knew it was difficult for everyone to unify, and I added pancakes that were easy to make with the same grams to the menu.”
In the sandwich, the flag of the Kuka artist's picture is a little too fashionable.
It seems that many of the staff, including Kitazawa-san, are from art colleges and design fields.

Mr. Kitazawa and the staff of Kuka think about the exit, such as design licenses, puppet shows, and live business trip performances.

* Justine in the middle, Kitazawa second from the right

“Our Kuka staff are good at finding interesting places and interesting personalities that people around us haven't noticed,” says Kitazawa.

As with anyone with or without a handicap, anyone who has a handicap can lead to self-affirmation when their personality is noticed. Sayaka Yokomizo, who was not good at communicating with others, won the first prize at a handmade picture book contest organized in Choshi City in 2007. From then on, my heart gradually opened, and in 2017, I was appointed by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as the “Special Support Ambassador for the Promotion of Lifelong Education for Persons with Disabilities”.
Yokomizo's work has many characters so that it can be convinced that "the picture-story show where one person uses different voices for different roles" is convincing! Because it is also displayed in the underpass of Hiratsuka Station, it is called Burarisanpo Route Don't miss it.

The predecessor was a welfare facility established in 1992. The gallery department that was in it became independent in 2009, and Gallery Kuka was born. Mr. Kitazawa continues to communicate so that the work of all about 100 people currently attending the park can be connected with society, and so that life, people, and art can be enriched beyond disabilities. The

I was in Kuka and wondered why I felt good.
Each expression is straight and each individuality oozes out. Persuasive power with indifferent expression . There is no reason or necessity. I enjoyed the impact of seeing the power of art.
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14-8 Akashicho, Hiratsuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture 213-0032
TEL: 0463-67-752

Opening date: Check on site

▶ ︎About 10 minutes on foot from JR Hiratsuka Station

《Exhibition information》
■ kitpas 100 people exhibition

(Two exhibitors from studioCOOCA)
Venue: Shibuya “Pan au Srille”
Schedule: August 21 (Wednesday)-September 7 (Saturday), 8: 00-20: 00 (Closed on Sundays and Mondays, until 17:00 on the last day)

■ Yuri Nishimura, Soichiro Shimizu, Kohei Kaeda three person exhibition
Date: September 3 (Tue)-September 18 (Wed), 2019 10: 30-15: 30

■ Contemporary Outsider Art Real-Things Beyond Modern Art-
(4 from studioCOOCAExhibit)
Venue: GYRE GALLERY GYRE 3F (5-10-1 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)
Dates: Saturday, September 7, 2019-Sunday, October 27, 11: 00-20: 00
Sponsor: Arts and Creative Mind

    Gallery Kuka & Café holds exhibitions of artists from studio COOCA and local artists.
    The staff with handicap participates in the shop making because they are good at it.
    Coffee in the cafe is ground with a hand mill for each order. Various events will be planned so that it can be used as a place for cultural exchange among the townspeople.

    • Address
      14-8 Akashicho, Hiratsuka-shi, Kanagawa
    • TEL
    • Business Hour
      10: 30-15: 30 * Irregular holidays