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Sending art in a corner of the countryside!

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File.1 Teraya Studio
( Shino Yamamoto / Galerie Watts)

It's a pleasant season that makes you want to take a stroll.
It's a cloudy sky, but it's a calm day. Thinking "Yes, let's go over there", I went to Jikecho, Aoba-ku, Yokohama. Also known as Jike Furusato Village, it is a green area conservation area where fireflies can still be seen.
After getting off the bus and walking in the countryside for a while, you will see a building with a feeling of Totoro.
Actually, it is a very modern gallery & cafe "Teraya Studio".
Sending art in a corner of the countryside!Sending art in a corner of the countryside!

At the entrance is a JIKE STUDIO bus stop sign. (The bus doesn't stop, but it may stop if it's a cat bus)
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Various exhibitions such as art, fashion, crafts, and sometimes rakugo are held here.
When I looked into it, a colorful and mysterious knit was floating in a simple space.
When you sew between the knits, it seems to be wrapped in a rhythmic sound.
Sending art in a corner of the countryside!
The artist who was in the exhibition was Yoko Takeshita, who lives in Oita. A graduate of Tokyo University of the Arts' oil painting department, she creates a unique knitwear by taking it as an installation in which her painting begins to walk through the city.
Sending art in a corner of the countryside!

He is self-taught about knitting, and he remembers having fun knitting with his mother when he was a child.
In addition, it is said that he values the improvisational style of spinning colors and materials that feel sympathy from time to time. Coupled with a collage with textiles that I drew myself, it is an art that I already wear.
Sending art in a corner of the countryside!
At first glance, it seems difficult to dress, but when you look through the sleeves, it's strange. Surprisingly wearable Isn't it? What's more, the freedom to be released is also born. You can rotate the skirt 360 ° and decide the front according to the mood of the day. If you turn the tops back and forth and upside down, the look of the coordination will change. Sending art in a corner of the countryside!

Whether you are new to Takeshita's knitwear or repeaters, whether you are young or old, you can see how everyone is sharing a new sensation while trying on one after another. But exciting. Once you've enjoyed this kind of fun, where the creative doors that sleep in you that you haven't noticed are opening one after another, are you addicted to it? !!
Despite being clothes, what is unfolding in front of me is "moving painting", which is exactly the installation that the artist intended.
"Yoko Takeshita's World Exhibition" touches on the depth of "wearing". It is held until May 6th.

After having a good time, have lunch at the cafe. A pleasant fresh green that looks beautiful even in the overcast sky!
Sending art in a corner of the countryside!

The menu for the day was an appetizer such as colorful beans and orange salad, squid and celery ginger marinade, beef and Aoyama pepper croquette, and sauteed eel and spring vegetables. It comes with homemade bread, dessert and drinks, and is generous.
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The pesticide-free vegetables that we grow ourselves have a solid taste that is full of love. The croquette of Aoyama pepper seems to have revived the taste of the mother of the gallerist Hiromi Sakagami.
Sending art in a corner of the countryside!

In addition, the store is lined with works by artists related to the Teraya Studio and select goods, and there are many elements to enjoy. Time goes by in a blink of an eye.
Sending art in a corner of the countryside!Sending art in a corner of the countryside!

When I was completely satisfied with my stomach and was about to go home, Mr. Sakagami said, "I'm just going to the field to get vegetables, so let's go together."

Sunny lettuce, garland chrysanthemum, arugula, etc. are growing vigorously in the immediate vicinity of the gallery. From now on, tomatoes will be crowded.

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"I'm embarrassed by my own style compared to those around me ...", laughing and sharing the fresh vegetables.
Sending art in a corner of the countryside!

"Treasure the time that flows and the time that does not flow"
It was a day that I was completely immersed in the word that it was the theme of the Teraya studio.

《Gallery information》
404 Jikecho, Aoba-ku, Yokohama 227-0031
TEL: 045-350-3804
* Opening hours: 11: 00-18: 00
* Closed days: Every Tuesday
(The cafe / shop is open even during the exhibition change period)
* There is a parking lot
▶ ︎ Bus from the north exit of "Aobadai Station" on the Tokyu Denen-toshi Line (Platform 2)
Ao 30 Terayacho circulation 3 minutes walk from "Terayacho"
▶ ︎ Bus from the north exit of "Kakio Station" on the Odakyu Line (Platform 4)
Persimmon 22 Get off at "Hayano" bound for Toin Gakuen and walk 10 minutes
10 minutes walk from "Hayano" bound for Kaki 23 Ichigao Station
Kaki 25 Kamoshida Danchi / Jikecho Circulation Get off at "Jikecho" bound for the north exit of Kakio Station and walk for 3 minutes