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File.1 Temple studio
( Yamamoto Ueno / Galely Watts)

It became a pleasant season when I wanted to take a walk in a breathtaking stroll.
It's a cloudy sky, but a calm day. "Oh yeah, let's go over there," to the temple town of Aoba-ku, Yokohama. It is said to be a temple home and village, and Hotaru is also a green area conservation area still seen.
Get off the bus and walk for a while in the countryscape, you can see the Totoro airy building.
Actually, it is a very modern gallery & cafe "Temple studio".

At the entrance is a bus stop signboard of JIKE STUDIO. (The bus does not stop, but if it is a cat bus, it may stop)
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Here, various exhibitions such as art, fashion, crafts, sometimes rakugo are spreading.
Peeping, the knit of colorful mysterious composition was floating in a simple space.
It seems that it is somewhat enveloped by a rhythmic sound when sewing between the knits and walking.

The artist who was in the exhibition was Mr. Yoko Takeshita who lives in Oita. She graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Sciences with an oil painting course as "an exhibition of his own painting walking out of the city" installation, creating a unique knit.

Regarding knitting, it is self-taught, memories that I enjoyed knitting with my mother in my young age are moving hands.
In addition, we sometimes cherish an improvising style that we spin color and materials that feel sympathy from time to time. Coupled with collages with textiles drawn by himself, it is an art that is already dressed in mind.

Although it seems difficult to dress at first glance, it is wonderful when you look through the sleeve. Surprisingly wearing Is not it? Moreover, freedom like being freed somehow will grow. You can rotate the skirt by 360 ° and decide the front in the mood of the day. The expression of the coordination will change if the tops are turned upside down.

Whether Takeshita-san's knitting is neither the initial nor the repeater, as well as whether young or old are repeatedly age, it seems that everyone is sharing a new sense while trying on one after another, just looking by his side But exciting. Once the taste of such interest that the doors of sleeping inside of myself who is not yet noticed is being opened one by one, it is going to be addictive? !
While being clothes, what is spreading in front of us is "moving paintings", just the installation intended by the author.
"Yoko Takeshita's World Exhibition" to touch the depths of "wearing mind". It is held until May 6.

Well, after enjoying one after another, have lunch at the cafe. Fresh green feeling that shines beautifully even in the dark sky!

The menu of this day is sauteed of beef and blue peppers croquettes, cucumber and spring vegetables to appetizers such as salad of coloring beans and oranges, ginger marinade of squid and celery. It also has homemade bread and desserts, drinks, plenty of volume.
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Pesticide-free vegetables that we are raising on our own are solid taste affection is packed with tightness. The blue pepper croquette revived the gallerist, Hiromi Sakagami's mother's taste.

Inside the shop, works of writers involved in the temple studio and select goods are lined up, and every element to enjoy is everywhere. Time passes in no time.

Sakagami says, "I will go with you to go for vegetables just in the field," let's go together.

Sunny lettuce, shrine chrysanthemums, arucola etc are growing up well in the vicinity of the gallery. It seems that tomatoes are going to be crowded in the future.

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While being smilefully smiling, "It's embarrassing with self-flow compared to the surroundings …" We have praised the fresh vegetables.

"Careful time to flow time, time not to be drained"
It was a day we steeped in this word that it is the theme of the temple studio.

"Gallery information"
404 Terajimachi, Aoba-ku, Yokohama-shi 227-0031
TEL: 045-350-3804
* Opening Hours: 11: 00-18: 00
* Closed: Every Tuesday
(The cafe / shop is open during the exhibition change period)
* Parking available
▶ ︎ Tokyu Den-en City Line "Aobadai Station" From the North Exit Bus (No.2)
Blue 30 Temple town circulation "Terai Town" get off 3 minutes on foot
▶ ︎ Odakyu Line "Persimmon Station" From North Exit Bus (Number 4)
Persimmon 22 Get off at "Hayano" to Tsuenkei Gakuen and walk 10 minutes on foot
Persimmon 23 – Get off at "Hayano" to Ichigao station and walk 10 minutes on foot
Persimmon 25 Kamo Shida Complex · Temple Town Circulation Kashiwa Station North Exit "Terai Town" Get off 3 minutes on foot