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Dance, sing and get drunk with Bon Odori in jazz

Jazzz Café CHIGUSA 
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So much jazz tonight
File.3 Jazz de Bon Odori
(Saiko Shinmura / Jazz Cafe Chigusa)

In addition to the label business introduced in the previous column, Chigusa also produces and directs events related to jazz.
The one that takes the longest time to prepare is the Jazz de Bon Odori held in Noge, the home of Chigusa . First held in 2014. The degree of chaos increases with each repetition, and it is becoming a scale that cannot be expressed in a single expression, such as "busy" and "great success."
Dance, sing and get drunk with Bon Odori in jazz

This year's fourth year was held on September 22nd and 23rd. The content is full, such as the performers, merry-go-round, and Noge's attractive stores. There is also a program for children, and visitors are welcomed with a content that everyone of all ages can enjoy.
I think the concept is clear from the name of the event, but "Let's dance Bon Odori with jazz!" A popular jazz piece that is familiar to us is arranged in the style of Bon-odori and choreographed in the style of Bon-odori. Everyone dances in a big circle on a powerful live performance by musicians. If there is someone who looks down on Noge from space for the past two days, I can't help thinking that some kind of communication is taking place...

It is Chigusa that makes this area enthusiastic.
854-1024x683.jpg" alt="" width="1024" height="683" /> If you have visited Chigusa store once, as you can see, "Let's dance with jazz" etc. There is no such casual atmosphere, and there is an implicit rule that you should silently listen to the good sound of the record! Jazz has a history in which many excellent musicians have mastered the technique and sublimated it into the realm of art. Takes courage to open the door of Chigusa, to hear the voice that is, I wonder because there is a feeling that "Chigusa = place for Kikiiru the jazz as an art." It is the essence of jazz cafes, and I want to maintain that style in the future. All of our staff will continue to value and maintain the atmosphere of such a store.
Dance, sing and get drunk with Bon Odori in jazz

So why did such a serious (?) Chigusa participate in this crazy event?

The closer we get to the essence of jazz, the more we realize that it is the music of life, a popular music for men and women to dance. Returning to the starting point, it is also jazz that you can enjoy the sound and rhythm of your heart without any reason. There is something in common with the Bon festival dance in Japan. Chigusa , who carries the oldest Japanese jazz cafe signboard on the back, should not only be academically committed.
Dance, sing and get drunk with Bon Odori in jazz

At the time of its opening 85 years ago, Chigusa played music and jazz unknown to many Japanese.It should have been a place to convey the fun of swinging. Therefore, I think Chigusa 's duty is to provide a place to enjoy jazz in various ways.
If you want to enjoy various kinds of jazz to your heart's content, you have to come to Noge Jazz de Bon Odori . Dancing, drinking, singing, eating, listening and getting drunk. I would like you to enjoy jazz with 5 or 6 feelings.

It will be held again next year with Chigusa produced, so please come visit us!
Dance, sing and get drunk with Bon Odori in jazz

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  • Jazzz Café CHIGUSA
  • Jazzz Café CHIGUSA
  • Jazzz Café CHIGUSA

Founded in 1933. One of the oldest jazz cafes in Japan. The founder, Mamoru Yoshida, has continued to "create a store for listening to sound" from the time of its founding, and is deeply involved not only as the owner of the jazz cafe, but also as a planning and guardian in the music scene in Yokohama, and the end of his life. Continued to be with jazz. Currently operated as a general incorporated foundation.

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