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Dance, dance and dance Bon festival dance in jazz

Jazzz Café CHIGUSA 

Jazz soaking in tonight
File.3 Jazz de Bon Odori
(Akiko Shinmura / Jazz Cafe Chigusa)

In addition to the label business introduced in the previous column, Chigusa also produces and directs events related to jazz.
The most time-consuming preparation is the Jazz de Bon dance held at Chige 's home, Noge. First held in 2014. The degree of chaos increases with the number of times, and it has become a scale that can not be expressed in a single expression, as "bustling" and "big success".

The fourth year, this year, was held on September 22nd and 23rd. The contents are full of excitement, such as a performer with a glamorous appearance, merry go land, and a charming branch of Noge. There is also a program for children, and we welcome visitors to the town with content that all young and old can enjoy.
I think the concept is understood from the event name, "Let's dance the Bon dance in jazz!". Arrange the famous jazz tunes that you are familiar with to the Bon dance style, and choreograph it into the Bon dance style. Everyone dances in large circles as they perform lively performances of great power by musicians. If there were anyone looking down at Noge from space during these two days, I could not help thinking that something was being done ....

This, that the region is a mechanism that is wrapped in a frenzy, there is so Chigusa.
854-1024x683.jpg "alt =" "width =" 1024 "height =" 683 "/> I think if you have visited the Chigusa store once, I think you know," Let's dance in jazz "etc. There is no such a casual atmosphere, and there is an implicit rule that "Shut up and listen to the good sound of the record!" Jazz has a history of having been refined by many excellent musicians and sublimated to the realm of art. The reason for hearing that the courage to open the door of Chigusa might be because there is a feeling of "place to listen to Chigusa = jazz as art". It is the bone of the jazz cafe and I want to penetrate that style in the future. We, our staff, will cherish the atmosphere of such a store and intend to continue it.

So why was that serious (?) Friend involved in this crazy event?

The closer to the essence of jazz, the more you realize that it is the music of life, the popular music for men and women to dance. Returning to the starting point, it is jazz that entrusts itself to the sound and the rhythm without hesitation and enjoys without reason. There is something that is compatible with the Japanese Bon festival dance. Chigau , who carries a signboard called Japan's oldest jazz cafe, can not only be devoted to academics.

Opened 85 years ago, Chigusa is an unknown music and jazz for many Japanese people.It should have been a place to convey the fun of swinging. Therefore, I think that providing a place to enjoy jazz in various forms is also a duty of Chigusa .
If you want to taste the various jazz to the fullest, you can only come to Noge Jazz de Bon dance . You can dance, drink, sing, eat, listen and be drunk. I want you to enjoy jazz with five or six senses.

It will be held next year by Chigusa Produce, so please come and see us!

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    Jazzz Café CHIGUSA

    Founded in 1933. One of the oldest jazz cafes in Japan. Since its founding, Mamoru Yoshida, who was the founder, has been making "a store to listen to sounds" and is deeply involved not only as a jazz cafe owner but also as a planner and guardian in Yokohama's music scene, whose life is last Continued to be with jazz until. It is currently operated as a general foundation.

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