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In the place where summer is over and autumn starts, votive Kyogen

Cypress master's cypress stage living in the 21st century Vol.4
In the place where summer is over and autumn starts, votive Kyogen
Daisho doctrine
(Noh music master Kyogen direction Koko style)

There was a feeling that the temperature fell sharply in October, but the heat was brought back for the first time in October 6th. Today is a dedication Kyogen in Nakanojima Inari shrine.
When you turn the corner, you can hear festival music. The approach path is crowded with the opening of stores, and it seems that a string of wallets are likely to loosen a little as well. Although the typhoon was not worried, the wind was somewhat strong, and from those who served as a club for many years I was asked "Such a strong wind is the first time".
I moved here seven years ago and started the Kyogen classroom at the public hall held by the neighborhood association from the following year.

When a child was born and connected with Mr. Miyoshi by having a local Shrine visit the Shrine, she promptly acknowledged that I would like you to dedicate Kyogen to this Kagura dono. Mr. Miyashi brought the people of the club to the "Oshiki Kyogen" sponsored by me, and the people of the club also aspired to "Kyogen is a shrine in the shrine" by all means. I feel a strange edge that various timings overlapped.
l wp-image-119759 "src =" "alt =" "width =" 1000 "height =" 667 " /> And this is the sixth time.The puppet curtain behind the stage, the stage set imitating the Noh theater, the program to distribute to customers, etc. are organized and prepared by all the students.The audience seats the old fashions A style laid down, it will be held in a pale atmosphere that can not be said as if the end of summer was told.
The style of singing kobae by 13 students is the first attempt. The "Kyogen Koba collection" which gathered various songs that appeared in Kyogen's plays was very pleasant as the pupils' feelings and voices became one, and more powerful than anything else. Every other program was also shining, and the audience also heard a laugh. Even while the trees blown with occasional breeze roaring trees with loud noises, students' voices must have arrived at many people.

In this classroom, students themselves are the leading characters and I think that I am the only supporting role. In the world where it is difficult for me to live like my own, the world of Kyogen will affirm the self as it is. The appearance of the student who plays it alive is very beautiful. It was an hour in the blink of an eye, but God would have liked the students' enthusiasm and the laughter of the customers.