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Hot, cool and intoxicated! DOLPHY2nd opens on Bashamichi, Yokohama!

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I'm immersed in jazz tonight
File.7 DOLPHY 2nd carriageway
Mayuko Shinmura (Jazz Cafe Chigusa)

JAZZ SPOT DOLPHY, which is taken care of every year by the Chigusa Prize Selection Live, opened in Honmoku in 1980. After that, he moved to Noge in 1990 to further expand his live jazz venue. The talented jazz musicians from Japan and abroad perform live every night, enriching the nights spent in Noge.
It's nervous to talk about being the owner of a long-established jazz club, but the owner, Tsunehiko Komuro (who calls him Tsune), is a friendly and cheerful person. Even if I say lightly, they laugh and listen. What many musicians love is probably because of their pockets. Chigusa sometimes comes for a cup of coffee, but she is relieved to see Tsune-san.
He said he wanted to open a store in Kannai because he wanted more musicians to play, but this April he opened Dollfie 2nd on a carriageway.
At the opening party, regular and of course jazz musicians who had finished their work rushed to the blessing, and sessions at the luxurious Mens continued until midnight. The interaction of the sounds in the improvisation without any arrangements was fun but wonderful, and I think it was the best opening to feel respect for Dollfie.
Above all, the fun faces of the musicians are unforgettable.
"" He plans to actively play live performances with acoustics and vocals. It is said that they will have a chef all the time and serve authentic food, so it will definitely be a new attraction in Yokohama.
There are many jazz clubs around Kannai, but musicians rarely batting. Because of Dollfie, the "top guys" gather and attract the audience.

—There's something you've just been doing for a long time.

Tsune says a bit hesitantly, but he has been working in Noge for nearly 30 years to `` increase the variety of musicians' rice seeds' ', and his passion for jazz, `` I want younger people to be more active,' ' Probably boosted.

—I hope you have more seeds for yourself.

He was just laughing.

It is close to the Bashamichi Station on the Minatomirai Line and the north exit of Kannai Station on the JR Keihin Tohoku Line, so it's great to be able to run to the last train even if you get drunk or jazzy. Noge DollfieI am looking forward to a new development that is a bit different from the future.

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    A long-established jazz spot DOLPHY's sister store in Sakuragi-cho opens!
    Like the main store, top musicians representing Japan such as jazz, pop, soul, latin, etc. will play thrilling on the stage in front of you!
    Enjoy delicious food, sake and the best performances in the adult's finest space!

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