源泉は感性 五感に効能

The source is effective for the five senses

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File.10 Ofuroso
Shino Yamamoto (Gallery Watts)

"Because it is boiled with 100% firewood, the hot water is very soft and warms from the core of the body," says a public bath that has been loved by the locals for many years at a 2-minute walk from Takatsu Station on the Tokyu Denentoshi Line. Takatsu hot water. Kawasaki Frontale has also been excited about "Float together", but it closed in 2015, unfortunately.

Now it's an artist's shared office and gallery. The building is used as it is, and the name is "Ofuroso".
I heard a rumor, so I'm coming in for a while! Instead, I'm going ~.
Oh! The characters of Takatsuyu remain as they are. In fact, my husband and children took care of me long ago when my house was under construction and I couldn't use the bath. When I think about it now, I regret that I should have taken a bath at that time. I thought it would be embarrassing to meet my neighbors. smile

The number stand is full of black telephones and a retro feel, but since it was used normally until a few years ago, even though he was born in Heisei, Takatsuyu was fully immersed in the scent of the Showa era.

By the way, if you go through the women's bath, you will find an atelier of artists.
-image-191691 "src =" https://magcul.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/IMG_8318_mini.jpg "alt =" "width =" 6000 "height =" 4000 "/> Modern in undressing space Decorative artist Kohei Kyomori, artist yutaokuda, and flower artist Takashi Shirakawa are active. It seems that there are three creators such as music and dyeing in the space where the bathtub is located.

Mr. Kyomori's work, whose colorful graphics are eye-catching, has an impressive Japanese motif, but also has a Western nuance. It is said that studying abroad in Italy for two years provided an opportunity to think about the identity of Japanese people, and at the same time, eliminating prejudice and discrimination between ethnic groups through art became a major theme of the production.

▲ A sense of depth due to the partially raised ink

“From the history of cultural development that transcends national borders and is influenced by decorativeness, I think that creating the same feeling among ethnic groups will help to eliminate the gap,” says Kyomori. The work shows a skull motif and Aun. Through the universal concept of life and death, we are asking the viewer the question of human equality.

On the other hand, yutaokuda is characterized by detailed monochrome expressions.
There are many animals and plants in the motif drawn with ultra-fine lines from 0.03 mm, and there is some elegance.
<img class = "aligncenter size-full wp-image-191694" src = "https://magcul.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/DSC08320.jpg" alt = "" width = "2448" height = "1624" />

▲ The work that is drawn with conductive ink and makes music when you touch the picture is a catchy existence.

"Because it started from the fashion field originally."
Yutaokuda, who speaks so, became independent as an artist after working as a designer for the fashion brand "TAKEO KIKUCHI".

Inspired by Alexander McQueen's view of the world, he went on to fashion, but he realized that McQueen was not a fashion designer, but an artist, and he fell in love with what he was aiming for.

"Art is the same as self-projection, expressing your true self. It's the same as complimenting yourself if someone says you like your work because you can't cheat. It's the driving force for drawing pictures. "

Curiously with Mr. Kyomori, there is a common denominator that he is from Istituto Marangoni, Italy's oldest fashion and design school. It seems that Mr. Kyomori was at the Italian school and Mr. yutaokuda was at the London school, but I met him a few years after graduation in Japan, so what an inquiry. Life is interesting!
And the relationship that stimulates each other, aiming for a high level, is really wonderful.

▲ Everyone seems to be looking forward to regular monthly flights.

"The selection of flowers is based on the intuition of the day I went to the market. The producers are also working hard to grow flowers with various nuances, so I get excited. I want to feel more flexible than arranging them side by side, "says Shirakawa. Rather than creating a bouquet as a design, it is light and easy to combine with the awareness that it deals with nature.

By the way, if you go through the men's bath this time, you will find a salon and a gallery space. I miss the platform of the Invaders game.
The public bath space with tile floors, faucets, showers, and mirrors is an event space. It is a place of expression for various artists, but it seems that the fun that is not a white cube arouses the soul of creators.

"It would be nice to have a place where you can come into contact with art and creation, like a public bath where you can go casually. With that in mind, I'm leaving the taste of the public bath as it is," said Ofuroso, who was in charge of planning and producing. Miho Nakamura of NENGO.

▲ If you visit NENGO in the same Takatsu Ward, what a dora instead of a doorbell!

Unfortunately, Ofuroso is for a limited time until September 2020.
With great effort, overseas called Mr. Kyomori and Mr. yutaokudaI want you to be like Tokiwa-so in the manga world because there are already artists who are highly evaluated. It's exciting just to imagine the artist's eggs growing from here.
It is a place related to the potter Shoji Hamada and the artist Taro Okamoto, and I strongly hope that it will become a sacred place unique to the Oyamado area where cultural figures come and go.

(Interviewed on October 2019)

《Gallery information》
3-8-13 Mizonokuchi, Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa 213-0001
TEL: 044-829-3324
Opening hours: Confirmation required on the site

▶ ︎ About 2 minutes on foot from Takatsu Station on the Tokyu Denentoshi Line

《Artist information》
■ Kohei Kyomori https://www.kohei-kyomori.com/
■ yutaokuda https://yutaokuda.jimdo.com/
■ (hana-naya) https://hana-naya.jp/

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"Takatsuyu", which was loved by the people of the city, has been reborn as a shared office "Ofuroso" by artists. This is a place where you can enjoy art as if you were going to a public bath.

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