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Double Planet 第4話
Theater / dance musics

Double Planet Episode 4

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Double Planet
Episode 4 "The animal that I thought was a dog was actually a cat."
Luca Tamaru (Furutajun & Yota Kanda / Radio Shonan Personality)

Who expected this new semester? I wasn't sure if my second year of high school had started, but I was temporarily closed from spring break to May 6th. Only feelings are dangling, and only time goes on and on. I was so excited about the summer vacation, but I'm not happy with this temporary closure. Corona has robbed me of part of my youth. Even though he doesn't enjoy youth much, he is attacked by such paranoia. Ah, I'm really crazy.

Double Planet Episode 4

Of course, there are no club activities, and only the group line of the drama club is exciting. Everyone is free. I'm exchanging crap. I'm just watching everyone's interactions.

"Hey, I'm free, why don't you practice online ??"

The main speaker was Natsuki, a classmate.
Apparently, recently, there are some who are using zoom to set up online theater.
When it comes to face-to-face NG, I think about it.
Even so, Natsuki's antenna after the play switch was turned on is amazing.
Now he is more familiar with the theater situation these days than anyone in the club. Who in which theater company managed to win the prize? That high school alumnus of the drama club has produced famous actors. I've become so acquainted with my seniors that I'm wondering if it's a theater writer!

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These are the two online lessons that Natsuki advocates.

・ Why don't you practice speaking through the camera at the same time?
・ Why don't you decide on a theme and do etude (improvisational theater) online?

As I watched unresponsively, the new third graders, who didn't quite like Natsuki's suggestion, quickly calmed me down.
I think Natsuki was disappointed. It may have been that he should have shot as a friend, even if he was lying, saying "I want to try it!".

Actually, I also had a small change.
It's not just crap.
I'm alive too.
Since then, I've been listening to the radio program "Love & MUSIC" every week, and when I swell, I feel like this.

"I should write a story too ..."

I came up with such a thing.
I didn't declare it to anyone, but at an idea level that I decided on my own.
I downloaded the memo function app on my smartphone and tried to type in the idea of the story.

Only time is huge, so this is a good way to kill time.

I was so absorbed in it that sometimes it was 2 o'clock in the middle of the night.
I don't dig into one, but now I feel like I'm writing more and more what I have come up with.
I felt like I was throwing a ball into the dark clouds toward a place where there was no target, but it was fun.

What is this fun?
It's the kind I've never tasted before.

Of the stories I came up with, the one I like the most is
A comedy that the animal that the whole family thought was a dog was actually a cat.

Double Planet Episode 4

When I came up with it, I laughed.

"what is that?!」

































Kanda "Email, this is from the radio name" Lucas ".
"Nice to meet you. I'm probably a sophomore girl who goes to a high school in the prefecture.
Now that school is off, it's really boring.
Whether it's playing games, watching anime, or whatever you're doing, it's kind of boring.
This is Corona Idiot.
The other day, I thought about something like a story idea myself.
It was fun and I came up with many.
When I showed my confident one to my friends, I was totally denied.
It was my current status report. 』

Furuta "Hou"

Kanda "Speaking of stories, you're Furuta."

Furuta "When you were young, did you have unfounded confidence in what you made?"

Kanda "I was there too"

Furuta "But when someone with some experience appears and is denied by plausible words, it gets dented."

Kanda "Furuta-kun, are you dented?"

Furuta: "I was dented, but soon I got more unfounded confidence, and the one who denied me was wrong! I'm right!" And persuaded myself further (laughs). "

Kanda "I understand something (laughs)"

Furuta "I don't think there is a correct answer to manufacturing. I think that everything that the person finds fun in the process of making is genuine. When I continue to make things and grow up, there are many moments when it is not so. It's coming. It's fun to make it purely now, I think this! Something like that is precious. If you have a desire to express it, don't be afraid! "

"to be continued"

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