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Double Planet 第4話
Theater / Dance musics

Double Planet Episode 4

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Double Planet
Episode 4 "The animal I grew up thinking was a dog was actually a cat."
Luka Tamaru (Furutajun & Yota Kanda / Radio Shonan Personality)

Who would have expected such a new semester? Whether my second year of high school had started or not, I was temporarily closed from spring break until May 6th. Only feelings are dangling, and only time goes on. I'm so excited about the summer vacation, but I'm not happy about this temporary closure. Corona has robbed me of part of my youth. Although he doesn't enjoy youth, he is attacked by such paranoia. Ah, it's really crazy.

Double Planet Episode 4

Of course there is no club activity, only the group line of the drama club is lively. Everyone is free. Doing stupid things. I'm just watching everyone's interactions.

"Hey, are you free, why don't you practice online?"

The main speaker was Natsuki, a classmate.
Apparently, recently, there are some people who use zoom to set up an online play.
I think it's a bad idea, because I'm facing NG.
Even so, Natsuki's antenna after the drama switch was turned on was amazing.
He is now more familiar with the recent theater situation than anyone in the club. Who in the troupe managed to win the prize? The theater club OB in that high school has produced famous actors. I've become acquainted with the fact that my seniors often ask me, "Is it a theater writer?"

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These two were the online lessons advocated by Natsuki.

・ Why don't you all try practicing at the same time through the camera?
-Don't you decide on a theme and play Etude online?

As I watched without any reaction, the third-year students who had not come up with Natsuki's suggestion were quickly sedated.
I think Natsuki was disappointed. It may have been that she should have been shooting as a friend, even if she was lying, saying, "I want to do it!"

Actually, there was a small change for me.
It's not just that it's crunchy.
I'm alive too.
Since then, I began to listen to the radio program “Love & MUSIC” every week, and I felt swelled like this.

"I think I should write a story ..."

I came up with such a thing.
Do not declare it to anyone, but at the level of inspiration that you decided on your own.
I downloaded the memo function application on a smartphone and tried to enter the story idea.

This is a good time killer, as there is a huge amount of time.

When I noticed that I was really absorbed, sometimes it was 2:00 midnight.
It's not like I'm digging into one, but now I'm writing more and more of what I have come up with.
It felt like I was throwing a ball at a dark cloud toward a point where I didn't have a target, but it was fun.

What is this fun?
It's the kind I've never tasted before.

Of the stories I came up with, my favorite one is
A comedy that says that the animals that the whole family thought were dogs were actually cats.

Double Planet Episode 4

I laughed when I had an idea.

"what is that?!」

































Kanda "E-mail, this is from radio name" Lucas ".
"Nice to meet you. Probably a second-year girl attending a high school in the prefecture.
Now that my school is closed, I'm very bored.
It's kind of boring no matter what I'm doing, whether I'm playing a game or watching an anime.
It's a corona idiot.
Last time, I thought about something like a story idea myself.
It was fun and I came up with a lot.
When I showed my friend a confident one, I was denied all of them.
That was my status report. " "

Furuta "Hou"

Kanda: Speaking of a story, you're Furuta.

Furuta: When you were young, did you have unfounded confidence in what you made?

Kanda "I was there too"

Furuta "But, if somebody with some experience value appears and is denied with plausible words, it will be depressed."

Kanda "Is Furuta dented?"

Furuta: I was dented, but soon I got more unfounded self-confidence, and the one who denied me was wrong! I'm more persuading myself that I'm right! "

Kanda "I understand something (laughs)"

Furuta: “I don't think there is a right answer to making things. I think that anything that finds enjoyment in the process of making something is genuine. If you continue to make things and become an adult, there are many other moments that are not. It's coming. It's fun to make purely now, I think that something like this is precious. If you want to express it, don't be shy! "

"to be continued"

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