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Former Yoshida Shigeru Residence District Garden 

在吉田茂故居的花園裡,吉田茂曾是日本花園的開創者,將日式風格融入了現代主義,每個人都對Yuka Sato(長笛)和Ryosuke Kasagi(鍵盤)的二人組“ futaline”很熟悉。歌曲。在溫暖的春日下,笛子的柔和音調在花園中傳播。如果下雨,將在管理休息樓進行。

  • Event Date
  • Hour
    14: 00 ~ 15: 00
  • Appearance
    * Futaline Yuka Sato, a duo who expresses genreless music from pop music to improvisation while trying to coexist with live musical instruments and electronic devices, is from Ninomiya Town. Flute player. After graduating from Kunitachi College of Music, he moved to Germany, and after completing the master's program at Robert Schumann College of Music, he has been performing in various places. Received the Excellence Award at the 10th Le Bryan French Music Competition Ryosuke Kasagi Born in Chiba City. Composer / arranger, keyboard player. After graduating from the composition course of Naomi Musical College College, he has been performing and composing music mainly in Tokyo. As a music instructor, he is also involved in training younger generations.
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    Admission: No charge
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    Oiso Joyama Park Management Office
  • Sponsor
    Prefectural Oiso Shiroyama Park Designated Manager (public interest incorporated foundation) Kanagawa Prefectural Park Association, Shonan Landscaping Co., Ltd. Group