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オーケストラの音楽はどこから生まれる? 神奈川フィル・メンバーがお答えします!

Where does orchestral music come from? Kanagawa Philharmonic members will answer!

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Have you ever been to an orchestra concert?
I'm interested, but I feel that classical music has a high threshold ...
I think there are many people like that. But it's a waste to think hard and avoid it! Orchestral music has a long history, so there are various styles. There are various musical instruments, so you can enjoy it in various ways. It is often the case that the wonderful melody familiar from BGM and the impressive sound were actually classic masterpieces. If you have a chance, you will surely find the wonderful music you like. First of all, don't you feel like you can get a little closer just by knowing the history and characteristics of the instruments that are lined up on the stage?

We asked the members of the Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, about the charm of music and their love for musical instruments.
Someone who sent me a video to play at home!

If you take this opportunity to experience the music of the orchestra and get a little interested, let's go to the concert venue next time!

Where does orchestral music come from? Kanagawa Philharmonic members will answer!

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