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"Virtual Open Zone" prize-winning works have been decided! !!

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Fascinate with the power of art!
Towards everyone of essential workers, such as health care workers (※)
The winning works of the support video have been decided.

An initiative to solicit and distribute videos of all genres of culture and art by moving the venue of "Magcal Open Zone", a space where you can freely announce performances such as music and dance on Nihon Odori in front of the prefectural office, which is currently canceled. We carried out "virtual open area". In this "Virtual Open Zone", we solicited videos of all genres of culture and art with the theme of support and gratitude to everyone who is working to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, and won a prize from 244 general video entries. 4 works have been decided.

(*) Essential worker: Those who are engaged in work that is indispensable for social life

<< 1. Winning works >>
Of the 244 submitted works, the number of views up to August 31 was decided from the top 20 works.
■ 1st place (Prize money 500,000 yen) "To you fighting" / Ayumi Watanabe
■ 2nd place (prize money 300,000 yen) "My own flower-Thank you essential worker ver.-" / HANDSIGN
■ 3rd place (prize money 100,000 yen) "Amabie" / Team "Amabie Daisakusen"
■ Prefectural Award (Prize Money 100,000 Yen) "Ruriiro no Chikyuu" / Kanagawa Prefectural Shonan High School Chorus Club

《2. Jury prize works (excluding prize-winning works)》
From the 244 submitted works, the works recommended by the judges have been decided (no prize money).
■ Jury Award
"Social Disdance" / Hide Maeda
"Sand Art" Arigatou no Hana "" / Masako Iimen
"Finlandia" / Musica Yokohama-ma

《3. Winning work HP》
080; "> https://kaihouku.pref.kanagawa.jp/

《4. Jury)》
・ Representative of I.TOON Yuichi Ito (Professor, Department of Animation, Graduate School of Film and New Media, Tokyo University of the Arts)
・ Jupiter Telecommunications Co., Ltd. Regional Media Headquarters Producer Yoichi Tajima
・ Kazuyuki Kasaya, Director of Performing Arts, Kanagawa International Culture and Tourism Bureau

[Reference] Outline of implementation of "Virtual Open Zone"
(1) Recruitment period
From June 1st (Monday) to July 31st (Friday), 2nd year of Reiwa
(2) Recruitment conditions
・ Professional / amateur, regardless of address
・ The video should be in the field of culture and art with the theme of supporting and appreciating key workers.
・ In principle, the video must be within 5 minutes
・ Expressing and displaying "Kanagawa" Virtual Open Area "" with a video
・ The video should avoid "3 dense"
(3) Total number of applications
255 (general videos: 244, guest videos: 11 ... * 2)
* 2 General video: Works to be judged
Guest video: Supporting works from artists who agreed with the purpose of the project
(Michiko Godai (Yokohama Yumeza), Mari Kumamoto (Ambassador Magcal), Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra, etc.)
(4) Playback count measurement period
From application reception until 18:00 on Monday, August 31
The video will be distributed until Wednesday, March 31, 3rd year of Reiwa, so please have a look.