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In Kanagawa Prefecture, in order to contribute to the realization of "a society that lives together, Kanagawa," in the field of culture and art, with the goal of "living together and creating together," everyone from children to adults, regardless of age or disability, , We are implementing a "coexistence and co-creation project" that you can enjoy by participating in performing arts.
This time, we will introduce some of these efforts with videos.

"Challenge of the Silver" is a dance workshop held by Yoko Ando, who has danced at the forefront of the world, for seniors in Kanagawa.

"Challenge of the Silver" 2020 result announcement work 1st "TRACE"

Kanagawa Senior Creative Creation Project "Challenge of the Silver" 2020 Results Announcement 1st "TRACE"

"Challenge of the Silver" 2020 results announcement work 2nd "Figures in the shadow, Figures in the light"

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Actor Ryoko Fujino and even the pilot of the alter ego robot OriHime are leading.
A leading cinema "Small Little King", a video work that goes beyond conventional wisdom.

Leading Cinema "Small Little King"

In the future, Kanagawa Prefecture will continue to carry out the "Coexistence and Co-creation Project" so that everyone can enjoy cultural arts.

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