From Heisei to the future. A total of 18 stages of challenges from Yokohama's "Rainbow Elements"


The place where plays are born
File.5 Rainbow element “Minatomirai”
Koichi Imai (editor writer)

I was wondering what kind of work I would like to introduce to Magcal.net next, and as I was looking through the performance lineups of various theaters and facilities, I found a performance that really caught my attention. It is unclear whether the analogy that ``Japanese pepper is small and spicy'' is accurate, but although there are few seats and a small space, ST has produced notable companies such as chelfitsch that are spreading their wings around the world, and places emphasis on interaction with various regions. I was even more interested because it was a small theater called Spot Yokohama.
What caught my attention was the performance called Niji no Moto #08 ``Minatomirai,'' and there were a whopping 18 stages in 8 days. These days, even small theaters in Tokyo don't have so many performances that overlap, but I was really interested in this challenge and the fact that there were three performances a day for three days.
One evening after rehearsals for ``Minato Mirai,'' which had just begun, I caught up with Ryukuma Kumade, the company's representative. Apparently she was born in 1990, so young!

``Usually, we would perform about seven performances a week based at Lazona Kawasaki.However, for this performance, we set various hurdles for ourselves as we move forward as a theater company. One thing is that we have to be able to maintain the same quality of acting and work no matter how many times we perform.Also, performances usually start around Wednesday and end on Sunday. It would be nice if we could increase the number of customers who come by word of mouth by extending the week over two weeks.It's true that both are experimental for us.I'm concerned about whether I'll be physically able to do it though. , I have a stronger desire to do it.”

No, it's okay because you're young. And it's better to climb as many high mountains as possible now.
*From “Kiminotenohira”

Kumate loved theater so much that he appeared in local musicals from his junior high school days and began writing scripts for the ``Community Drama Educational Group Hikobae''. He founded "Niji no Moto" with volunteers from the Kanagawa Sogo High School Drama Club, and after graduating from high school, he re-formed "Niji no Moto." This was the first period so to speak. After that, the members changed, and now they are active as the new "Niji no Moto".

“We have two concepts: ``Let's make things with only love'' and ``Shine the tears.'' A rainbow is the result of rain falling and sunlight shining through it. It's like a miracle that can sometimes be seen for just a moment.And when you find it, you feel happy.It's the same with people's hearts.Even if there is sadness, if there is love in it, it can make a rainbow. .In this way, the rainbow that appears in your heart can also brighten someone else's heart.I aim to create works that convey this message.''

*From “The Museum of Broken Hearts”

The flyer's visuals resemble a serialized girls' manga, giving it a somewhat familiar feel, but this is the first time that a photo has been used.
His new work ``Minatomirai'' is said to be based on the city theme. That's why I used photos of the city.

``We've always been in Yokohama, but we've become good friends with theater artists in Tokyo, and we often get told, ``You should do it in Tokyo.''But we decided to go to Tokyo. I don't think so.We want to attract customers to Yokohama.Then, we have reconsidered why we are doing business in Yokohama, and what is the significance of doing business in Yokohama. Because of this, we wanted to reiterate that ``We are a theater company that is doing our best in Yokohama.''I'm sure that we will continue to perform works that are rooted in Yokohama.''

It may not be the future we all dreamed of back then, but
No matter how much things change, we've always lived here.
Minato Mirai is a music unit of two girls born in 1989 and raised in Yokohama.
The two aspired to pursue music careers and made their debut when they were in their third year of high school.
These girls didn't know the taste of alcohol or the smell of men yet.
They started running with the same momentum as if they were an extension of the light music club.
12 years have passed since then. They are also 30 years old.
The end of the Heisei era. "Minatomirai" will proceed on its own path,
The group will disband with the final broadcast of its long-running radio program.
“Now, what shall we talk about?”
"We have no future to talk about."
“Still, let’s talk about Minato Mirai.”
The city of Yokohama, the Heisei era, and a new future.
A rainbow element provides wishes for the future and a bridge to happiness.

“There was a music unit from Kawasaki called RYTHEM that has disbanded. They debuted when I was around junior high school, and were active until 2011, when they made their major debut and released four albums. The history of these people was very dramatic to me, and I wanted to create a work based on them.So I created a fictional unit called ``Minato Mirai.'' So it's not a musical, but there will be a lot of singing."

Let's also introduce comments from the two lead actors, Ayaka Ito, who plays Mina, and Eri Kimura, who plays Mirai.

``I think the story of Minato Mirai will be a huge turning point in Mina's life. Mina's feelings, which aren't often mentioned in the dialogue, are actually packed into the story. Please come and see it. I want to be able to convey emotions that cannot be expressed in words to others.I want Mina and I to be able to synchronize and move without the slightest lie.I am thinking about this and practicing hard.Everyone can relate to it in some way. It’s a work of art. Please come and see it!” (Ito)

"Nice to meet you. I'm Eri Kimura, who plays the role of Mirai. When I read the script for the first time, I could relate to Mirai's thoughts on music, so I thought, ``I'm glad there's someone who understands.'' (lol). In the play There will be plenty of nostalgic songs that color the Heisei era and songs created especially for this stage performance, and the music is one of the things you can enjoy.Also, love, friends, unrequited love, heartbreak, breakups, encounters, music, work, fights, etc. Love, it's a long 75 minutes so you won't have time to catch your breath. Please look forward to it ☆" (Kimura)

Once again, I asked Kumade about his work.

``The theme is about generations and how we should live in the future.The new era name will be announced as soon as the actual performance of ``Minato Mirai'' is over.The name of the new era will be announced as soon as the ``Minato Mirai'' event ends. A town named after. What was the future like back then when we were living in it? And let's go to Mirai with everyone. I would like to share this feeling with everyone. This work is filled with all the challenges we have faced. I would appreciate it if you could take a look.”

This event has ended.
《Rainbow element #08 “Minatomirai”》

■Date: April 17th (Wednesday) – 24th (Wednesday), 2019
■Venue: ST Spot Yokohama
■Written by Souka Sakuragi
■Direction: Ryukuma Rake
■Ticket price: 3,000 yen for adults, 2,000 yen for high school students and younger (designated date and time, all seats free)
■Inquiries: info@nijinomoto.com

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