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Let's have fun at the Yokohama Tramway Preservation Center, which has renewed the history and mystery of Yokohama!

Yokohama Shishiko, Takigashira (Takigashira), where the Yokohama City Electric Preservation Museum is located, is located along the Hori Oki River on the way from Kannai in Yokohama to National Route 16 towards Kashiwa.

This place, which used to be the site of the Takigashira vehicle factory in Yokohama City Tram, is now the Takigashira branch office of a Yokohama municipal bus, and the first floor part of the adjacent municipal housing is the City Hall Preservation Hall. It's quite unusual for a museum to be a house on top.

What's in the Yokohama City Railway Preservation Center?

There are currently 7 vehicles stored here. You can freely go inside and sit in the driver's seat or touch the wooden handrails to enjoy the retro atmosphere.

The little kid is overjoyed while playing at the driver's seat!
The little kid is overjoyed while playing at the driver's seat!

This cream-blue line was also featured in the movie “Kokrikiko Saka” (produced by Studio Ghibli, 2011) set in Yokohama in 1963.

The old train of the tram has a classic interior

The old train of the tram is classically furnished and has a wonderful atmosphere that can be remodeled into a small bar.

Relatively new vehicle interior "/>

This is a relatively new vehicle interior.
The floor is wood but it is close to the interior of the train and bus now. This is also retro enough, but when you compare it, the old vehicle looks more luxurious.

It is not only the vehicles that are on display. The railway diorama, such as N gauge and 0 gauge, has also been renovated, and new vehicles are running at N gauge.

Railway diorama