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File.6 Tsukiyama Arts & Crafts
Shimono Yamamoto (Galley Watts)

This time from Daegu. Speaking of Daegu, Daegu Long Beach!
… Not only in Japan, there is a burial hole tomb at the end of the Kofun period, which is said to be the largest in Japan, and Mt. Goryeo, which tells the story of the Sengoku period, and the eighth post town of Tokaido 53. It is a place where eight successive prime ministers such as Shigeru Yoshida lived, suitable for nature, culture and history.

In addition, I heard that Gallery Sanpo has an interesting corner, and for the first time I went to Daegu in winter. I thought it was only me who felt colder because of the strong summer image, because it was a winter day that was blown for a moment in the suburbs of Tokyo.

The destination was just a 2-minute walk from the station, but it's hard to arrive ...
I was able to know that the beach was the birthplace of the beach, thanks to making a mistake on the road (laughs)

According to a tourist information site in Otsuchi-cho, Otsuchi won the first place in the nationwide vote for the 100 best summer resorts conducted by the Nihon Shimbun in 1894. The purpose of Daegu Beach, established by Jun Matsumoto, the first army medical officer, is to promote health and recovery. That was different from the current sense of leisure.

Now, correct the trajectory to the target “Tsukiyama Arts & Crafts”. It was right next to the station. There is a "detailed way to go" on the store's site that shows directions carefully with photos. (I should have noticed it soon ...)
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This is the corner of the rumor, where the scent of the Showa era drifts.
The 70-year-old building was once a bar called “Tsukiyama” and was used by the reporters of Prime Minister Shigeru Yoshida.
As you enter, you will find Doma on the Ajiro ceiling. There is a retro on-parade, such as a counter where the appearance of standing drinks is deceived, a mirror labeled “Tsukiyama Sane”, a letterpress printing machine, a writing desk and a Japanese-style room in the parlor. As much as possible, the interior is left as it was.
People who have lived in this area for a long time often brought medicine boxes and prop boxes, and said, “I don't need them anymore”.

At first glance, Tsukiyama looks like an old tool shop, but including that, OtsukiA select shop that focuses on the craft of artists working in the neighborhood.
At the same time, it has become a place to disseminate designs from various aspects such as design offices, galleries, and workshops. The store is run by 14 artists and designers, and Kazuki Sato of AUI-AO Design, who has been involved since the start of 2014, is particularly committed to disseminating the appeal of letterpress printing. If you make a reservation, you can also make business cards by letterpress printing.
Papers designed by Mr. Sato are also sold in the store. The irregularities pressed with letterpress on the coffee filter and onigiri-shaped cards give a nice look. It is unique to letterpress printing that it feels soft and warm when touched.
In addition to the appeal of letterpress, “I designed it with a sense of twist that people who use it would use their heads,” says Sato.
Everything invites laughter and is fashionable. It feels like giving a gift to someone or writing a letter.
In the space on the second floor that Nakai-san used, there were many pottery by the artist selected by the owner of the gallery “Nanohana” in Odawara and hand-crafted items such as old cloth.
Bright room with good sunlight. Did Nakai-san lie down and have a break while chatting with a rice cracker in one hand?

If you go behind the scenes, you can take advantage of the fact that it was once a bathroom, and its name is "GALLERY bathroom".
It seems to be used for solo exhibitions and events, but YOMORU's felt art exhibition was being held. A tourist who happens to stop by Oiso is also beautiful! It seems to come from New Zealand, the home of wool, how strange.

Ms. Aiko Torihiro, the director of YOMORU who smiles in front of the work, is also a member of the Tsukiyama staff. Born and raised in Daegu, 3 children are growing up locally. After this, I went to a nearby elementary school and said, “It ’s a visit day!”It was.

At first glance, there are pottery flowers in the grass at my feet. The play of local ceramic artist Asako Okamura is perfect for this courtyard!
Opposite the bathroom is “Chajamachi cafe & deli” and bread shop “Lee's Bread” which is particular about natural yeast and organic chemicals. When you sit on the other side, the bread has a nice scent.
“Chayamachi cafe & deli” has rare teas, so we ordered a specially recommended First Flash Castleton. Castleton Tea Garden is the highest peak of Darjeeling. Along with that, we received a cardamom roll of “Lee's Bread”.
This is a popular bread in Sweden. Both are first experiences, cardamom is spicy but moderately moderate, tea also has a gentle taste and a gentle teatime.

Originally, Otsuchi City (Ichi) TokoTsukiyama started with the concept of making the best use of the property and connecting it to town development.
While looking at the parents and children who came to buy bread one after another, they were in a corner loved by the locals, and then they felt really happy and went home.

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