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A night at Yokosuka's live spot where the young Chigusa award was heard

Younger Than Yesterday 
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Soak up jazz tonight
File.8 Yokosuka Younger Than Yesterday
Reiko Shinmura (Jazz Cafe Chigusa)

The Chigusa Award was established to discover excellent young jazz musicians. Each competition will be held and the winner will be given the opportunity to make LPs and CDs as a supplementary prize.
This time, the sixth time, was won by Yokosuka City's clarinet player, Hayao Miyawaki (26).
At first glance, it's a pretty young man, but when the performance begins, his passionate and bouncing power is expelled. The moment you take a breath, this time attracts the heart of those who are listening to the mellow and lustrous tone, and it will not release.
Of course there is a technique, but the depth of his emotion seems to appear in the sound, and the gap with the majestic appearance is also good. It's no wonder that there are already many fans.
After LP and CD production, live shows are held every year. The annual event was held only once in the area centering on Yokohama Noge, but this time the winner was also from Yokosuka City. Held.
YTY has been the base of Yokosuka Culture since it opened in September 2001, and it is a space where you can enjoy various live performances regardless of genre. In a spacious space with more than 100 seats that was renovated from a former movie theater, you can enjoy a relaxing live performance as well as drinks and meals.
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Live spots may have a problem of soundproofing, and there may be many places with a closed feeling of blockage. In that regard, YTY is a former movie theater on the 4th floor of a nostalgic building, so the lobby space is open. The time until the live starts can be spent comfortably.
The retro and cool interior that retains the features of Showa is unbearable for those who like it.

The owner is Shigeru Sasaki, born in Yokosuka and raised in Yokosuka. What an active dentist!
In Sasaki's childhood, the United States still had a conscription system, and some American troops stationed in Yokosuka were also cultural and musicians. In Yokosuka, he touched authentic American music and entered the music world.
The reason for opening YTY was that the building owner, who was an old friend, consulted about the reuse of the movie theater. He said, "I want to create a place where music can gather!" It was named “Younger Than Yesterday” in the sense that it was young at any age. Nowadays, there are also many musicians appearing, and it is no exaggeration to say that this is a live spot that represents Yokosuka.

The live members from Reko this time are young in their 20s and early 30s, but it is wonderfully harmonized with the retro and horizontal space, and it is “cool!” Their talents are obvious, not obvious at first glance, but it was the one and only live performance, coupled with the atmosphere of YTY.
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If you want to immerse yourself in the ska culture that has been handed down since Showa, you should definitely visit YTY.

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* Rei Miyawaki's album “SCENERY” is now on sale!
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    There is a different space where you can enjoy your meal and drink while watching live performances.
    Various live performances and events are held every day in the open space where the former movie theater was renovated.

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