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What is "Sugita Theater", an art space full of natural light?

Mirea editorial department sneaks into the art space!

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Isogo Local Culture Center Sugita Theater

This time, I interfereed with the cultural facility "Isogo residents' cultural center Sugita Theater" located on the 4th and 5th floors of Rabida Sugita, 3 minutes on foot from JR Negishi Line "Shinagita Station". Did you know that the "Sugita Theater," which is the last name of this cultural center, contains "thoughts" of local people? (Actually, I also visited the interview and I was able to know!)

The former Sugita Theater, which is said to have staged the first stage when Misora ​​Hibari was the name of "Misuka Kazue" who was 8 years old, is under the elevation of Route 16 and JR heading towards the Tomioka direction, January 1, 1946 It opened on the day and closed on October 3, 1950 (Showa 25). As a public facility in Yokohama City, "Isogo Citizens' Cultural Center" openly invited nominations to the citizens, the voices called "Sugita Theater" gathered from the people in the area who miss the theater, and officially "Isogo Ward It is decided to be named "Civil Cultural Center Sugita Theater". People who know that time seem to be donating the memories of memories, posters etc donated in 2004 by those who were nephews of former Sugita Theater's president were decorated in the hall I will.

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On the posters stuck on the walls, the characters of "Milky Orchestra" are very valuable on the history of music in Japan, are not they?

When passing through the entrance, it is spacious lobby. Various decorations are given by people in the area gathered here. Posters pasted on walls, handmade brochures and newspapers, seasonal tailoring and more.

In the middle of April when we were interviewed, helmet decorations were placed.

Beyond the lobby, there is a gallery of white walls where works can be seen (a photo exhibition was held at the time of interview). Lighting facilities are also in place, making it a space suitable for exhibitions of various art works such as paintings, calligraphy and crafts as well as photographs.

There are left and right as well as a rehearsal room and a practice room across this gallery. DanceWhen waiting in front of the rehearsal room that the lesson is over, people in the area that seems to be comfortable sweating … Zorozoro …. I shot the rehearsal room after the end of hot air.

The boarded rehearsal room is quite spacious, it seems to be easy to move! As a rehearsal and practice course, but of course this size can be used as a small schedule or a venue for performances. Although the practice room was in use both in the room, I could not infiltrate, but it seems that singing lessons were held for presentation etc.

Under the guidance of the staff, I headed for the main hall. I found something on the way, a character that I never saw at this KIRIN vending machine … !! When you ask, a girl with an ear like a rabbit like this bear was born in March 2015 "Umeni" chan "Sugita love plum fairy", it is a local character who is named after the plum, which is the tree of Isogo Ward. Certainly, my ears are in the form of buds of plums ~ ♡

The hall is on the 2nd floor which climbed the stairs. Before that, I had to introduce this stairway (the escalator on the right side is nice). It seems to be a popular spot for users, but this staircase, in reality, was in a colonnade …

A space like such contemporary art spreads ahead of going up the stairs. The day when I heard about the interview, it was a sunny lucky and suddenly asked the photographer "Please take a picture here!" It was a really beautiful moment. You can enjoy various light and shadow patterns over time. On this day, I can visit this time Lucky Me !!

Beyond that, the foyer in front of the hall. Outside is terrace seat. Natural light is gentle in here and it is a very pleasant space.

On the day of the performance, there is also a drink order here, such as during the curtain.

While sunbathing at the terrace seat, you will soak in the concert's afterglow.

This is the "parent-child room" (4 seats) in front of the hall. Because it is partitioned by glass, even if a little child falls asleep, you can relax and enjoy the concert etc.

Well, finally, to the multipurpose hall with 310 seats. It can be used as a place to appreciate and present cultural and artistic activities regardless of genres such as music, theater and dance.

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Wheelchair exclusive seat (for 4 seats) is also available.

We only listened to the "special seat" of the hall that only the staff knew! That's it!

The position of the seat is higher than the other seats, so there is nothing to block the front, and the stage can be seen well. Keep this seat waiting for opening time when all seats are free!

In addition, we interviewed the team on the stage as well. The audience seems like this from the stage. It seems that you can also set up an essential flower road for kabuki and Japanese dance.

And from behind the scenes the audience seats are "watching!" (Laugh). Using such a looking window, You can ask the audience seats whether you are enjoying it properly or not.

The stage comprehensive operation desk is also PASHA !! I am excited to see the backyard for not being able to enter normally.

Finally, I also saw a dressing room in the back of the stage. On the performance day, many performers gathered here and there will be a space full of tension and enthusiasm.

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Dance lessons for concerts, theaters, exhibitions … The summer festival, which is held every summer in the summer, is also popular, the Isogo residents' cultural center Sugita Theater.

As aiming at the "district cultural center" that contributes to the city planning to want to continue living, even those who visited the exhibition on this day, people who sweat in the rehearsal room, people who enjoy music in the practice room … and many more The users of the exhibition showed amazement. Since it seems that various kinds of events that can participate easily and casually are performed every seasons, please invite me to warmly invited by warm sunshine. It is such a place that art, culture, people feel much closer.

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Isogo Local Culture Center Sugita Theater

It is a cultural facility for the area with halls, galleries, rehearsal rooms, practice rooms and conference rooms. Hall is a full-scale hall that can perform various genres such as classical music, theater, dance, kabuki and daily performance by choosing a proscenium and an acoustic reflector. Other rooms such as galleries are also equipped with facilities that can respond to customers' diverse needs.

As a cultural base of the region, you can use it widely from the performance of high quality art work to the presentation of familiar cultural activities.

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