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ゲイジュツか? スキャンダルか? ヌードなアート百花繚乱!

Gay Jutsu? Scandal? Nude art Hyakuka Ryoran!

Yokohama Museum of Art 
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Go, see, and feel the world of art
File.1 Yokohama Museum of Art "Nude Exhibition"

Whether it's painting, sculpture, or photography, the world of art and nude are inextricably linked. After all, Greek sculpture, which can be said to be the origin of art, is one of the representative works of the beautiful male figure of Supponpon. On the other hand, the controversy over the "exposure" has always been the same regardless of the east or west of the ocean.
That's why I was curious about the straight-ball title "Nude Exhibition" and I went to the Yokohama Museum of Art.

Gay Jutsu? Scandal? Nude art Hyakuka Ryoran!

The exhibition follows the transition of nude according to the times and themes.

This is the only work that can be filmed, Rodin's "Kiss".
You can see it from anywhere 360 degrees, and how you cut it out is up to you. Each person is looking for his or her favorite angle and releasing the shutter many times. This scene is like art.
* Shooting may be canceled due to congestion (Editor's note)
Gay Jutsu? Scandal? Nude art Hyakuka Ryoran!

Someone was saying, "We cut a warm, soft body from cold, hard marble," and that's exactly what it said. You want to feel the smooth skin, but of course, don't touch the exhibited works!
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It's easy to see that at the exhibition, nude, which was only allowed as a historical painting on the subject of classical literature, mythology, or the Bible, will be drawn with a realistic theme along with the times.
However, with the rise of cubism, abstract expressions, and surrealism in the 20th century, the simple question "is this sexy?" To the unaided eye, I don't even know where a woman is naked.
Although the human body does not change that way in 100 or 200 years, the artist's perspective is amazing. Before I said "I understand" or "I don't know," I was knocked down by the artists' overly free expressions.

Gay Jutsu? Scandal? Nude art Hyakuka Ryoran!

When you come back to the entrance hall after making a circuit through the venue, you will be able to take a commemorative photo with Leyton's "Pushke's bathing". There is a veil next to it, so take the same pose as the model and shoot upload to Instagram!

Gay Jutsu? Scandal? Nude art Hyakuka Ryoran!

The museum shop is lined with British-only goods limited to exhibitions, such as tea and sweets, after the "Nude Exhibition", a collection of British Tate.
We recommend the original mint candy from the “Nude Exhibition”. If you wondered "why?", think of Rodin's "kiss" in the package as a hint.Try it. The answer is at the venue.

Gay Jutsu? Scandal? Nude art Hyakuka Ryoran!

And the fun of Yokohama Museum of Art is the exhibition limited menu at the cafe on the first floor. I was also attracted by "roast beef sandwich", which uses traditional British food, but this time I ordered "milk tea" with a focus on afternoon tea. I'm glad that the sweet shortbread is attached
By the way, you can purchase a special blend of black tea and mugs that go well with milk at the exhibition's special shop.

Nude NUDE — from the British Tate Collection
Exhibition period: Until Sunday, June 24, 2018
Venue: Yokohama Museum of Art
Closed day: Thursday
Opening hours: 10:00 ~ 18:00 * Until 20:30 on Friday, June 8
(Last admission 30 minutes before closing)

  • Yokohama Museum of Art
  • Yokohama Museum of Art
  • Yokohama Museum of Art

Yokohama Museum of Art opened to the public on November 3, 1989. It is one of the largest art institutions in Japan. With its iconic architecture, featuring the expansive space of the Grand Gallery, the museum is made up of a total of seven gallery spaces, as well as an Art Information and Media Center that holds over 110,000 art-related books, ateliers hosting a wide range of workshops for children and adults, and many other facilities.
Located in the international seaport city of Yokohama, the museum focuses on collecting and showing modern and contemporary art created since the late 19th century, when the port of Yokohama opened, alongside many special exhibitions.

The outward appearance:KASAGI Yasuyuki / Grand gallery:KASAGI Yasuyuki / Exhibition room:TANAKA Yuichiro

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