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築140年! 古民家で”お気に入り”の現代作家を見つける
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140 years old! Find a "favorite" contemporary artist

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Kanagawa gallery walk
File.2 studiofujino
( Shino Yamamoto / Galerie Watts)

This time we are going to walk around Sagamihara City in Kanagawa Prefecture and Hachioji City in Tokyo for the Jinbayama area.
A short trip to enjoy a drive rather than a walk. As I got off at the Sagamiko interchange on the Chuo Expressway and went up the mountain, I encountered a lot of people who enjoy climbing. It is said that Mt. Jinba has been selected as one of the "100 views of Fujimi in the Kanto area" and "50 Kanagawa scenic spots".

As you go deeper, the green layer becomes thicker, and while you fully enjoy the phytoncide with the windows fully open, you can run a sneaky car and you will discover a wonderful landscaped old folk house between the trees across the river.
If you don't know, "In the depths of this mountain!", You will be surprised to find a modern gallery here.
140 years old! Find a "favorite" contemporary artist
We arrived at gallery studio fujino after passing through the gate that was once used as a stable.
The gate seen from the gallery side. It seems that his right hand was a stable.

An old wooden Japanese house is nostalgic and reminds me of Grandpa's house. Open the rattle and the sliding door to enter, and the dirt floor is the cafe corner.
140 years old! Find a "favorite" contemporary artist

The owners of gallery studio fujino are Yuko Higashikawa, an art director, and Hitoshi Fujisaki, a woodworking furniture craftsman.
It seems that you have lived here for 10 years, but before that, you lived in Milan for 7 years.
Mr. Higashikawa works at the Italian design firm cerri & associati to design various brand images such as visualization and exhibition design, while Mr. Fujisaki is involved in the production of custom-made furniture and the work of designers including the master Enzo Mari. It was.

“I used to work as a freelance woodworker, but in Italy, the design, craftsmen, and manufacturers are independent, so it's easy to work in a freelance environment. It was also an interesting job to decorate the private bank.
140 years old! Find a "favorite" contemporary artist

The two were able to continue living in Italy as they are, but they laughed, "I couldn't really imagine a permanent residence in Italy in the future."Mr. Fujisaki.
Somehow it's a waste story.
Upon returning to Japan, furniture production in Tokyo is tough, so when I was looking for the suburbs, I heard that I met this property, but at first it was that the raccoon lived in the attic.
It took two years to repair a 140-year-old house. It's too wide and I'm still working on it little by little.
140 years old! Find a "favorite" contemporary artist

The cafe table and simple blue sofa are Fujisaki's original. Next to it is the rattan chair of interior designer Isamu Kenmochi, which is collected at the Museum of Modern Art, New York. The wall frame is made of used coffee filter art! Suddenly I was caught in a modern space that I could not imagine from the outside.
140 years old! Find a "favorite" contemporary artist

140 years old! Find a "favorite" contemporary artist
By the way, when you go up to the store, you can find pottery, decorations, and other works of the artist everywhere, and the eyes are so exciting.
140 years old! Find a "favorite" contemporary artist Simple beauty. Co-existence of laughter and coolness. Fine handicrafts ... I feel the selection like two people in the world of design. Most of the furniture and furniture are made by Mr. Fujisaki, and it is also possible to consult on custom furniture.
140 years old! Find a "favorite" contemporary artist
Further in the back, there is a corner room where a landlord who was over 60 years old was given as a study room when he was little, and it is a luxurious space that captures beautiful scenery. Mr. Higashikawa and others are using it as a gallery space for contemporary art. 140 years old! Find a "favorite" contemporary artist

There is a dignified presence in the works gathered here, including the young artist Shiho Hayashi's misrepresented stone, and the artist Fujisaki's artist Guido de Zan. Mr. Fujisaki, who has recently enjoyed making the product, was a beautiful object with tin on wood. A small sculpture that creates a change in space just by placing one inside the house. After all, it's nice.
I am very happy to meet new artists with my favorite tastes.
140 years old! Find a "favorite" contemporary artist

At first, they had their atelier and didn't really think about the galleryTwo people.

"But it was a murder scene with only furniture, so if I put up my friend's pottery works, the number of creators' works gradually increased, and this time," I'm sorry to let you come home just to come to such a distant place. " I decided to start a cafe (laughs). "
140 years old! Find a "favorite" contemporary artist

At the cafe, you can enjoy Higashikawa's handmade cakes and paninis. The plate, which was originally made by dropping antique details for the French event, is now a symbol of Mr. Fujisaki.
140 years old! Find a "favorite" contemporary artist

Gallery in the deep mountains.
A river runs down the garden. Enjoy the forest bath slowly and touch the works of contemporary artists.
When you come here, it seems that your sensitivity is being sharpened.
140 years old! Find a "favorite" contemporary artist

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