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Built 140 years! Find a modern writer of "favorite" at an old private house

Kanagawa Gallery Sano
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( Yamamoto Ueno / GALLY WATT)

This time it is a stroll in the direction of Kababayama straddling Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture and Hachioji City, Tokyo.
Rather than sanpo, a short trip to enjoy driving. I got off at the Sagamihoku interchange in the central road and encountered the people who enjoy climbing a lot as I walked up the mountain. It seems that Jibeiyama is also selected for "Hundred Fujimi Fundamental Sceneries in Kanto" and "50 Kanagawa Scenic Scenes".

The green layer grows thicker the further you go to the end, you fully open the window and fully enjoy the phytoncide and run the car a little, discovering a nice landscape old houses between the trees across the river.
"People in this mountain!", Unknown people will be surprised that there is a modern gallery here.

In the past I went through the gate that it was also used as a stable and arrived at gallery studio fujino.
It is a gate from the gallery side. The right hand seems to be a stable.

I remember old wooden Japanese houses, I remembered my grandfather 's house. Open the rattle and sliding door and enter the cafe corner on the soil.

The owner of gallery studio fujino is Mr. Hitoshi Fujisaki, art director Yuko Higashikawa and woodwork furniture craftworker.
It seems that it will be ten years since I lived here, but before that I say that he lived in Milan for seven years.
Mr. Higashikawa is designing Italian design firm cerri & associati, designing various brand image visualization and exhibition design while Mr. Fujisaki is engaged in the production of custom-made furniture and designer's work including master of Enzo Mary It was.

"I worked freely as a woodworking craftsman, but in Italy designs, craftsmen, and makers were independent, so they were separated, so it was easy to work even if it was free. And the decoration in the private bank was also an interesting job. "

Two people who could continue to live in Italy as it is, but "I can not imagine that I will live permanently in Italy much ahead"Mr. Fujisaki.
It is somehow a wasteful story.
In returning to the country, furniture production in Tokyo was severe, so I was looking for a suburb, but I heard that I met this property, but at the beginning he was living in the attic at the beginning.
It took over two years to restore the house which will be 140 years old. It is too wide and I am still modifying it little by little.

The simple sofa of the cafe table and blue is Mr. Fujisaki's original. Next to that is the interior designer Rattan chair by Mr. Isamu Kenshira, which is collected at the Museum of Modern Art, New York. The frame of the wall is the art of used coffee filter! I suddenly grasped my heart in a modern space that I could not imagine from the appearance.

Well, as you go inside the shop, works of artists such as ceramics and decorations are placed everywhere, and the more you swim the eyes are in a state of excitement.
Simple beauty. Coexistence of smiley and stubbornness. Fine handicraft ... I feel a breathtaking select in the world of design. Furniture and furniture are generally manufactured by Mr. Fujisaki and it is possible to consult with order furniture.

Going further, there is a corner room where the owner who passed the age of 60 was given in a study room when it was small, and it is a luxurious space that captures beautiful scenery. Mr. Higashikawa makes it a gallery space of contemporary art there.

Works gathered here, such as the young artist, Mr. Hayashi Shiho's stone object and the artist Fujisaki-san was engaged in Italy, Guido de Zan (Guido de Zan), have a dignified presence. Mr. Fujisaki recently enjoyed the production, the object with the expression on the tree with tin was also really beautiful. A small sculpture that creates changes in space simply by placing one in the house. After all it is nice to meet you.
It is a pleasure to meet new authors of your favorite taste.

At first I was not thinking about galleries, only at their own studioTwo people.

"But since furniture alone was a stormy landscape, if you set up a pottery work of a friend, the number of makers gradually increased, and this time," I am sorry to let you return as it is coming from such a distant place " I decided to start a cafe (laugh) "

At the cafe you can have Higashikawa's handmade cake and panini. At first it was made by dropping antique details for the French event and it is now a work symbolizing Mr. Fujisaki.

A gallery in a deep mountain.
As you go down the garden the river flows. Enjoy the forest bath slowly and touch the works of contemporary writer carefully.
When you come here, your sensibility seems to be sharpened.

"""Gallery information"
gallery studio fujino
〒 〒 252-0181 Sano River Midorikawa, Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture 768
TEL: 080-5695-2424

* Opening Hours: 12: 00-17: 00
* Opening basically only on Saturdays and Sundays every month. It changes when there is an event
(There are times when it is closed, so be sure to check it. Info @
* The parking lot is nearby

▶ ︎ JR Chuo Line Get off at "Fujino Station". Get off at the last stop of the Kanna bus "Wada for", 3 minutes on foot