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The edge has a different taste?!

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Kanagawa gallery walk
File.5 Tiptoe
( Shino Yamamoto / Galerie Watts)

I received a colorful DM of stalls that makes winter fun.
The writer is Fuminori Ono, a textile and textile artist living in Tokyo.
When the Galley Watts, where I work, opened (20 years ago), he used to come and visit us.
And the sender is Gallery Tiptoe in Hayama.
At the gallery that moved from Takarazuka to Hayama 10 years ago, the owner, Kayoko Iwata, came to Watts and told her dream "I want to start the gallery someday" before opening the gallery in Takarazuka. It was

Surprised by the connection of these two people, it was nostalgic and I went to Hayama for a quick meeting!

From Zushi Station, take the bus in the direction of Hayama, get off at Kazehayabashi, and walk towards the residential area. There are quite a few houses with kayaks on the eaves, and it is truly a sea town. Somehow, the road markings are also stylish.
(I saw it for the first time, so when I examined it, it seems to be visually three-dimensional, so it seems to lead to speed suppression)
The edge has a different taste?! The house with a blue door is the gallery Tiptoe.
We deal with fashionable items such as costumes and objects, and enjoy the life of artists.
The edge has a different taste?! Just during the opening party, delicious dishes were lined up.. The catering this time was done by the chef of Zushi's wine shop "a day", which has many fans. It is a dish with colorful colors like Ono's work while incorporating the seafood of Hayama and Kamakura vegetables. did.
The edge has a different taste?! At Tiptoe, you will be asked to organize the menu each time according to the nuances of the exhibition.
“I enjoy the delicious food as well as the joy of having elderly customers who live alone as saying, “Enjoy a meal in a warm atmosphere,” says Iwata.
The edge has a different taste?! The table coordination using the pottery of the artists who exhibited here, such as ceramics, glass, and lacquer, is beautiful, and you will learn how to use such pottery at home.
“I'm thinking about how I would like a little stimulus for both the customer and the writer, and I'm choosing the equipment for the party. It's exciting work for me, too.”
The edge has a different taste?!

By the way, Mr. Ono, who plays the leading role, got a job at Issei Miyake after graduating from Tokyo Zokei University Design Department and Musashino Art University Graduate School of Art and Design. So he said that he touched on the fun and possibilities of textiles.
From the details of the POP shirt, tie, and jacket that I wore, I could see the high sense of textile lovers.
The edge has a different taste?!

Mr. Ono, who independently works on art pieces using paper and textiles, also deals with things that he wears.
Mr. Iwata, who was fascinated by the work, received an offer more than a dozen years ago, and this is the sixth solo exhibition this time, counting from the exhibition at Takarazuka.
The edge has a different taste?!

The scarf and stall, dyed with wool and silk and combined with velvety felt, add lightness to the winter fashion that tends to be dark tones.
When you wear them, you can feel the gorgeousness not only by the colors, but also by the play that is unique to the modeling artist Ono.
The edge has a different taste?!

"Iwata-san loves roses, and she grew them in the garden, but at the beginning there was a request such as "with the nuances of the image of roses." I was able to learn by being thrown in various ways. I'm told, "I'll do what I like," and I'm free to play."
The creation created by the relationship of trust between the artist and the gallery still attracts customers. It was crowded with customers who were looking forward to receiving the DM.
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The coat, which was exhibited this time, in which the colorful yarns are confined in the mesh, gives an impact like an abstract painting.
The edge has a different taste?!

“I can't sew, so when I make clothes, I rely on friends who trust my sensibility,” says Ono. As I was listening, I was surprised to discover that the person was my friend! It's a narrow world (laughs).
The edge has a different taste?!

What's great is that Tiptoe has been making a book of recordings of each artist's solo exhibitions as a record since moving to Hayama. A photographer who was visiting for Ono's 4th book reunited with a nostalgic face, as I knew this again!!
Photographer Shoji Sato has lived in Hayama for 15 years. We have also participated in the Hayama Arts Festival, which has been held for many years (co-sponsored with Hayama ART WALK since 2018), and are enlivening local cultural art projects.
The edge has a different taste?!

A long time ago, Mr. Sato introduced Mr. Iwata to Mr. Iwata, and it seems that Mr. Iwata decided to move to Hayama, and it is said that Mr. Sato is taking photographs including DM.Isn't it?
It was a great time to look back on Watts' history due to the overlapping of these edges.
The edge has a different taste?!

And the one I brought back was a vivid dot muffler. Immediately, I am adopting it as a color scheme for autumn and winter fashion.
The person I met praised me as a "beautiful color", and this muffler acted as an intermediary for communication. The edge that spreads from there is also fun! is not it.

Fuminori Ono's exhibition is open until Sunday, December 16th.

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1422-10 Horiuchi, Hayama Town, Miura District, Kanagawa Prefecture
TEL: 046-854-8256

*Opening days: Basically, permanent business on wood, gold and soil. Open for business during special exhibitions. (Reservation required for those who wish to visit on Sunday)

▶︎Bus from JR Zushi Station (1 or 2 stops)/Keikyu Express Bus from Shin Zushi Station (1 stop)
Get off at "Kazehashi Bridge". 3 minutes on foot