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Born freely and dying freely ... La La La Carmaine

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(TOP image) © Doji Okubo

Feel free to enjoy! Living with a concert
File.5 Bizet 'Carmen'
(San Mori Mori / music writer)

Spain, a town in Seville, working in a tobacco plant, Carmen is the beloved of men with its bewitching attraction. When she sings during the break time, the torture men and colleagues do it. If a serious soldier, Jose, has an incomprehensible face, whether he is bothered or bothered, Carmen provokes Jose and throws a bright red flower.
Carmen was injured by a co-worker and was caught by the police. It was a serious person who was responsible for bringing the prison to jail. He falls easily into Carmen, who tempts using color to get rid of the rope.

"Oh, do you really love me!"

After that, Jose could not return to the army as a senior officer, and with the Carmen, he entered a suspicious smuggling group.
However, Carmen is insane. The partner of love is a handsome bullfighter-Escamillo ....
One corner of the bullring. Jose stabs and kills Carmen, who stubbornly refuses to come back with a knife in one hand.

French composer Bizet's great opera "Carmen".
It's a miraculous opera that combines music, stories, and character characters.

Carmen sings during the break time of the factory "Habanera ~ Love is a wild bird".
Follow the chase and run away, run away and chase after
That's what love is like, I am a wild bird
Even if I listened to it many times, I was thrilled.
"Dangerous if you fall in love with me" ...! // "alt =" "width =" 3840 "height =" 2560 "/> © Okubo Michiharu

A very heroic, cool-looking, escammillo bullfighter song.
Really serious Jose's fiancé Mikaela sings, a heartbreaking, unrealistic love.
Passionate flamenco scattered everywhere.

When making the ballet edition "Carmen", the former Bolshoi Ballet's old-time Prima Prisezskaya has commissioned Shostakovich and Hachaturian, who were then large Soviet composers, to compose new songs. However, Bizet's music is so complete that he is afraid of the high level of recognition of "Carmen" as music, and they both refuse to compose, a famous episode.
I can not make a bad song. © Doji Okubo

And climax.
Jose who tries to regain closeness with too imposing womanhood.
In the back, the noise of the bullring, where Escamillo will be active, and music with a somewhat ominous atmosphere intermingle.

"Carmen do not obey anyone, born free and dying freely"

Carmen to say.
Although the end is a tragedy, I do not feel sadness.
The sense of relief that you say is finally over.
Well-lived, well-loved, well-dead characters.

This spring "Seiji Ozawa music 塾 opera project XVII ROHM CLASSIC SPECIAL" will be performed at Yokosuka Art Theater.
/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/ce5e8b2720574ac207c48cb8f6e0d89f.jpg "alt =" "width =" 3840 "height =" 2560 "/> © Michiji Okubo

Anyway, I would like you to visit the theater once to see it.
Surely, the on-parade of the famous songs that I have heard somewhere.
Someday my heart goes to the city of Seville. Become a crowd around Carmen and Escamillo, and start fluttering freely!

Seiji Ozawa Music Academy Opera Project XVII ROHM CLASSIC SPECIAL
Bizet: the opera "Carmen "

Date: March 21 (Thu, Holiday)
Venue: Yokosuka Art Theater (Yokosuka Art Theater Large Theater)
Opening: 15:00 (opened at 14:00)
Price: S seat ¥ 25,000 / A seat ¥ 21,500 / B seat ¥ 17,000 / C seat Sold out / D seat ¥ 8,000
* Preschool children can not enter.
*See below for details

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    The Yokosuka Arts Theater is a place where people and cultures that enrich the lives of Yokosuka citizens are connected, in the ruins of the post-Japanese jazz club EM Club (US Navy Staff Club) in February 1994. Opened The EM club is the birthplace of Japan's post-war jazz, and global entertainers such as Louis Armstrong have frequently visited since the end of the war. In addition, George Kawaguchi, Nobuo Hara and other musicians representing Japan later in the year played a hot performance, was sending the music of the original American scent throughout the country.

    The theater consists of a theater with two different faces, a large theater (Yokosuka Art Theater) and a small theater (Yokosuka Bayside Pocket). As a symbol of Yokosuka, it has become a base of <artistic culture and bustling>.

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      Yokosuka Arts Theater
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      3-27 Honcho, Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture
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      【Closed day】 2nd Wednesday of the month and New Year holidays
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