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Children play with the orchestra! Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra "Youme Concert"

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Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra "Yume Concert"

Miyuki Inoue (Magcal Editorial Department)

The “Yume Concert” performed by the Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra is a wonderful project to visit elementary schools in the prefecture and have children touch the live performance of the orchestra. Not only listening to the performances, it is also very attractive that there is also a collaboration project that "makes music" together. I wondered if I could hear a nice sound, and I asked Kanagawa Phil for participation.

Yokosuka City Tsukui Elementary School visited this day. Before the concert, the band members are holding a workshop last December. The school is full of air that welcomes Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra and is very friendly

About 70 people are currently enrolled in Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra, but more than 50 of them participate, so it is a full-scale orchestral concert.
Members gather from the middle of the morning and rehearse well first. During the lunch break, you can see the scenery to make a detailed meeting and confirmation for each part, and you can feel a sense of exhilaration for the production even in a peaceful environment.
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And finally, child entrance!
The lower grades have castanets and keyboard harmonica, and the upper grades have recorders. It may be that the feeling of "the final production" is rising among the children.

In Yokosuka City, for fifth graders, they have an opportunity to experience the Kanagawa Philharmonic concert at Yokosuka Art Theater. However, touching a real orchestra must be the first time for most children. The atmosphere of the gymnasium is different from usual, a little pounding.
First of all, the prelude from Bize's composition 'Carmen', 'A Woman of Arles' to 'Farandole', and it starts from a song with familiar ear.

Suddenly amazing power!
The conductor Ms. Abe Mirai is also good!
A lot of instruments resounded at once and it seems to be overwhelmed by the volume.

Then, while introducing the musical instruments of the orchestra, select a song that is familiar to each other and show the timbre. Some children involuntarily utter melodies, so it's fun. Though it is a musical instrument to see for the first time, it may be a feeling that approached a little.
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The violin is introduced by Yasutoshi Ishida, the chief solo concertmaster. It is such a luxury that you can listen to Ishida's violin in such a closeness. It seems that children are better off having a big instrument, so tuba is very popular!

And finally it is time to show off the results of the workshop.
In the lower grades, he joined Castanet and keyboard harmonica in the "Symphony of Toys" composed by L. Mozart.
On the other hand, in the upper grades, he participates in Elgar composition "The Windy" with a recorder!

As many of you may know, "Bright" is a song that will be played at the end of the annual summer festival in the UK, and it will get insane. The dramatic orchestral sounds and the melodies that the children play hard work together to create sparkling music that can only be experienced here. I feel happy somehow wondering

Then, in accordance with Tsukui Elementary School original song "Everyone Tsukuiko", a large chorus. Actually, this song, the song written and composed by the students at Tsukui Elementary School, was arranged for orchestra. It's amazing ... I can hear the songs that the children made in the orchestra and I can sing together!
The last is the hot air of Sibelius's "Finlandia" Energy wraps the whole gymnasium. The magnificent and beautiful music is suitable to be expressed by the word "inspiring".
Encore sings together a school song specially arranged for orchestra. Furthermore, the CD of the same song that Kanagawa Phil recorded is presented!
If you participate in this program, there will be more children who think "Orchestra is cool!" The future of classical music in Kanagawa Prefecture may be bright!

After the final performance, I asked the members of Kanagawa Phil for today's impression.

I have been in the fourth year, but I would like to welcome you to every school warmly every year. Because it is close to the children, it's fun to hear the feeling of being a bit sleepy or not listening hard. (Mikoto Abe / Conductor)

The section where everyone sings and plays together is very nice. I think that there are many children who listen to the orchestra for the first time, but I think it is a wonderful experience to create the atmosphere of the venue with everyone. (Marie Furuyama / Oboe)

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This year's "Yume Concert" ends before the spring break with pleasant memories. A wonderful concert will be held next year, and I'm looking forward to seeing various music encounters.