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村上春樹的? 音楽の“化学反応”

Haruki Murakami? "Chemical reaction" of music

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Feel free to enjoy! Living with a concert
File.10 Beethoven's "Great Prince Trio"
Kozaburo Mori ( Music Writer)

2020 is the 250th anniversary of Beethoven's birth. Along with that, CD releases, events, concerts, etc. are being actively planned.
Yeah! Ludwig, as popular as ever!

It's been 50 years since the Beatles disbanded. I also listen to pre-war bluesman recordings, but there is one crucial difference between them and Beethoven's music.
After all, Beethoven was active more than 200 years ago. Of course, there are no recordings of musicians at that time. (Edison invented the cylindrical record in 1877, about 50 years after Beethoven's death)
In other words, the performer spends his days trying to get closer to the essence of Beethoven by facing the remaining sheet music, desperately analyzing it, interpreting it in his own way. The resulting music often has completely different tempos and strengths depending on the performer. Basically, I'm playing based on the same musical score ... It's up to each person to find it interesting or not real.

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By the way, when I only listened to rock music, of course I was the latter.

However, since I woke up to the wonderfulness of Beethoven like youth Hoshino, I am completely absorbed in the fun of playing such classical music.

"Hoshino Youth", who suddenly appeared, is one of the characters in Haruki Murakami's novel "Kafka on the Shore".
Hoshino, who had not been very interested in classical music until then, ponders while listening to the music played at the coffee shop. And I totally like the song. At that time, it was a song called Beethoven's "Great Prince Trio" played by "Million Dollar Trio".
This song will play an important role in the subsequent story.

Haruki Murakami? "Chemical reaction" of music

Piano Trio No. 7 composed by Beethoven.
It is also called the "Piano Trio" because it was dedicated to Archduke Rudolf, an advocate, a disciple of piano and composition, and perhaps a 17-year-old younger Viennese aristocrat who was probably close.
Composed in 1811. It is Beethoven's last work in this genre, and has been given a reputation as "the masterpiece of the piano trio" full of graceful melody and scale.
Well, it can be said that it is a relatively modest work in Beethoven, but when "Kafka on the Shore" was released, it was surprising that the CD shop had a special corner for "The Great Prince Trio". Fearfully, Haruki-sama's influence!

Haruki Murakami? "Chemical reaction" of music

EnjoyThe "Million Dollar Trio" that was played at the teahouse is a popular name for the trio by the big stars of the time, Rubinstein on the piano, Heifetz on the violin, and Fireman on the cello. I wonder if "million dollars" is a guarantee.

Although it was recorded in 1941, "The Great Prince Trio," the public evaluation is very divided. Actually, I'm not good friends and the art style is too different, it's just good and it's not like Beethoven in the depths ...
As an individual, I am by far the affirmative. After all, the light tempo is wonderful. Perfect for this song. The recording is old, but the beauty of Heifetz's violin is fully transmitted!
When I was listening in the car imitating Hoshino youth, I listened to the 3rd movement Andante, and the following car honked my attention. Let's be careful, too.

Haruki Murakami? "Chemical reaction" of music

Although it is rare to hear the "Great Prince Trio" in the demonstration, this year is a commemorative year, so some concerts are planned. Among them, I definitely want to visit the concert entitled "Beethoven's" Grand Duke "" to be held at Philia Hall in June.
Performed by Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra led by the chief solo concertmaster, Yasunao Ishida. From now on, I'm excited to see if Ishida, the habitual person, will attack with a performance with plenty of master craftsmanship, or let him listen to the ensemble with a moist performance.

Haruki Murakami? "Chemical reaction" of music

© Fumiaki Fujimoto

Even so, the selection of songs by hardcore music fan Haruki Murakami is exquisite.
"Does music have the power to change people? The song that draws out the line is not a deep string quartet, nor a shocking "Fate" or "Ninth", but a "Great Prince Trio". It's not a big performance, but a "million dollar trio".

250 years of Beethoven's birth.
"Kafka on the Shore" was announced in 2002.
I wonder if the people who met the "Piano Trio" in Kafka still listen to it from time to time.
18 years.
It's time for a baby born to become a good adult. Good grief.

It's been a long time since I was no longer an avid reader of Mr. Murakami, but the CD of "The Great Prince Trio" reaches out several times a year. And if there is a concert that looks interesting, I will go there.
After the concert, have a light drink with your friends at your favorite bar or tavern.
My humble "living with a concert".

Haruki Murakami? "Chemical reaction" of music

Yasunao Ishida © Fumiaki Fujimoto Daiki Kadowaki © Kunio Yonenaga Yuya Tsuda © Christine Fielder

This event has been postponed. (Scheduled to be held on Tuesday, April 6, 2021)
Chamber music series "Afternoon of famous songs" by the master of Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra 14th
Grand Duke
"of Beethoven."
[Date] June 12, 2020 (Friday) 14:00 Start
[Place] Philia Hall Yokohama City Aoba Kumin Cultural Center
[Cast] Violin: Yasunao Ishida (God)Nagawa Phil Principal Solo Concertmaster), Violin: Chisako Naoe (Kanagawa Phil Principal Violin Player), Viola: Ryo Oshima (Kanagawa Phil Principal Violin Player), Cello: Taiki Kadowaki (Kanagawa Phil Principal Cello Player), Piano: Tsuda Yuya
[Program] String Quartet No. 10 in E-flat major Op.74 "Harp", Piano Trio No. 7 in B-flat major Op.97 "Grand Duke"
[Fee] All seats reserved 3,000 yen
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※ Since the events held is likely to be canceled or postponed without prior notice, please confirm to the facility or the like before going out.


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  • Yokohama City Aoba Ward Cultural Center Philia Hall
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