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The end of Japan is "the ninth"! (With information on concerts in Kanagawa Prefecture)

(TOP image) Image courtesy: Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra

Feel free to enjoy! Living with a concert
File.4 Beethoven Symphony No. 9
(San Mori Mori / music writer)

Speaking of the end of the year is the ninth.
4th movement "Song of Rejoicing". The moment the 100 choirs waiting behind the stage rise up at once! Even if I experience it many times, I get excited.

Anyway, it's very popular.
As professional orchestras perform several times each and also the civic orchestra, there will probably be over 100 concerts across the country, and tens of thousands of people will be intoxicated with the "Song of Joy". A characteristic feature of the bus race now.

As it was supposed to be played frequently a few years after the defeat, the Japanese "9th" favorite year has entered quite well.
The choir also adds to the cast, so it is said that they will mobilize their relatives and earn a new year's salary, but the most important factor of the "ninth" popularity is the fourth movement It is probably because the wonderful melody of "Song of Joy" matched the Japanese sensibility.
* Image courtesy: Yokosuka Art Theater

Composed by Beethoven, Symphony No. 9.
The premiere was 1824, three years before the death at 56. The last symphony completed. It is a story about 200 years ago from now.

By the way, the "ninth". Do you know where the premiere in Japan took place?
What, POW camp in Tokushima Prefecture!
The year was Taisho 7 (1918).
After World War IIt is a surprise because the German soldiers who became Japanese prisoners of war played in China. This is an event just 100 years ago.
* "Orchestra group photo in the auditorium" Image provided: Naruto German Hall

However, although there is a prestigious orchestra that plays on New Year's Eve in Germany, it seems that there is no image of "year-end = ninth."
But for Germans and Europeans, it seems that there is a "Ninth" as something more special and very serious.

When the Vienna State Opera destroyed in the war is rebuilt.
The end of 1989 when the Berlin Wall collapsed.
At the time of East-West Germany reunification the following year.
And above all, "Song of Delight" is adopted as a song of the European Union (EU).
The fact that the lyrics of the poet Syrah's lyrics used in the "Song of Rejoicing" is a human accompaniment and a statement of people's solidarity will prove to be a source of hope for the people of Europe.
And Beethoven's music!
From the late twenties, he was troubled by hearing problems that should be called a musician's life, and he sent a written letter to an acquaintance.
The enthusiasm for creativity always in search of newness and the associated distress.
By the age of 40, both ears were almost unheard of. In other words, "Ninth" is also the composition in that.
Poor health due to hearing loss. Grumpy stubborn person.
An anecdotal story that you are not good at tidying up the room and you moved 60 times.
In other words, Beethoven is a person who has lived a hard life.
That is why the idealistic message of peace, freedom and solidarity never ends with beautifulness, but reaches the hearts of people all over the world as a brighter, more ambitious “light of hope”.

Introduction to the first movement that reminds of the beginning of the universe
Is the second movement a dance of joy and distress?
Beautiful third movement to be heavenly
And start ...
To me, to you, to the world
Resound, "Song of Joy" !!

[Kanagawa "ninth" concert information]

神奈川 Kanken Prefectural Hall ホ ー ル
■ Music concert for young people Yokohama symphony orchestra 691 regular concert
Date and time: December 16 (Sun) 14:00 opening (13:00 opening)
Conductor: Tominaga Toki
Soprano Takanobu Sugano / alto 取 里 / tenor Shoda Goda / baritone Toshiki Takeuchi
Orchestra: Yokohama Symphony Orchestra
Choirs: Singing and the ninth singing party, the Singing Choir
Price: All seats specified 2,000 yen

■ Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra Regular Concert "9th"
Date and time: December 21 (Fri) 19:00 opening (18:20 opening)
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(c) Greg Sailor

Conduct: Hirokazu Kogami
Soprano Ebi Ayahashi / Alto Hirayama Rena / Tenor Hiroda Yoshida / Baritone Takahito Asai
Orchestra: Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra
Chorus: Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra
Price: S seat 7,000 yen, A seat 5,500 yen, B seat 4,000 yen
Seat type ¥ 1,000 only for the day of youth (25 years old and under)
Senior (70 years old or older) 10% off each seat type

"Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall"
■ Japan Philharmonic Orchestra 9th Special Concert 2018

Date: December 15th (Sat) 18:00 Opening (17: 10)
Conductor: Inoue Michiyoshi
Soprano 菅 菅 / ア ル ト / ア ル ト 原 ノ ー ル / ノ ー ル ノ ー ル 錦 健 / Baritone Takashi Aoyama
Orchestra: Japan Philharmonic Orchestra
Chorus: Tokyo Music University
Fee: S seat 9,000 yen, A seat 7,500 yen, B seat 7,000 yen, C seat 6,000, P seat end
Ys (25 years old and younger) 3,500 yen * A few remaining seats

Date: December 22nd (Sat) 18:00 Opening (17:20 opening)
Conductor: Kenichiro Kobayashi
Seo Plano Andiko Emi / Maki Alto Yamashita / Tenor Ken Saori / Baritone Aoto
Orchestra: Japan Philharmonic Orchestra
Chorus: Tokyo Music University
Fee: S seat 9,000 yen, A seat 7,500 yen, B seat 7,000 yen, C seat 6,000
Gs (65 years old or older) 6,000 yen, Ys (25 years old or younger) 3,500 yen * There are a few remaining seats

"Yokosuka Art Theater"
■ Yokosuka Art Theater Choir Regular Concert vol. 45
Date: December 9th (Sun) 15:00 Opening Ceremony (Opening 14:30)

Conduct: Keita Harada
Soprano Yoshihara Atsuko / Alto Narita Imi / Tenor Sawa Yuichiri / Baritone Takashi Tomoyoshi
Orchestra: Yokosuka Symphony Orchestra
Chorus: Yokosuka Art Theater Chorus
Price: S seat end, A seat 1,600 yen, B seat 1,100 yen

"Kamakura Art Center"
■ Kamakura Art Center "9th" 2018
Date and time: December 23 (Sun) 15:00 Opening (14:15 opening)
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From the 2017
performance stage (c) Yosuke Miyamori

Conductor: Erina Suzuki
Soprano Chikako Otsuki / Alto Tomonaga Momoko / Tenor Masahiro Sonoyama / Baritone Naoyuki Takeda
Orchestra: Kamakura Symphony Orchestra
Choir: Kamakura Arts Center "9th" 2018 choir
Price: All seats specified 2,000 yen, students (4-24 years old or less) 1,000 yen

"Ebina City Cultural Hall"
■ Ebina Beethoven Concert Concerto & 9020
Piano Concerto No.4 in G major / ninth

Date: December 15th (Sat) 16:00 Opening (15:20 opening) * A foyer concert by high school choir club from 15:30
Conduct: Kentaro Akira
Soprano Kobayashi Roka / Alto Mari Yokose / Tenor Otake Tone / Baritone Kawada Naoki
Orchestra: Tokyo New City Orchestra
Chorus: Sing '9' in Ebina Choir, Kanagawa Prefectural Ebina High School Choir, Kanagawa Prefectural Ikuta High School Glee Club
Price: A seat 4,000 yen, A seat 3,500 yen, B seat 3,000 yen
* Part 2 "ninth" limited seat 2,000 yen">

<< Ayase City Owens Cultural Center >>
■ Ayase Promenade Concert "9th"
Date and time: December 16 (Sun) 15:00 Opening (14:30 opening)
Conductor: Yukio Kitahara
Soprano Satomi Ogawa / Mezo ・ Soprano Mayumi Makino / Tenor Nakabuchi 聡 / Baritone Naoki Kawada
Orchestra: Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra
Chorus: Ayase Promenade Concert Choir
Price: All seats specified 1,000 yen