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The year-end of Nippon is "ninth" right? (With concert information in Kanagawa Prefecture)

(TOP image) Image provided by: Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra

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File.4 Beethoven Symphony No. 9
(Miki Moriho / Music writer)

Speaking of the end of the year is "ninth".
The 4th movement "The Song of Joy". A moment when a choir of about 100 people who was waiting behind the stage rises together all at once! Even though I experience many times, it makes me run down.

Even so, it is very popular.
As professional orchestras perform several times, plus civic orchestras as well, perhaps more than 100 concerts are held throughout the country, and tens of thousands of people will get drunk with 'songs of joy.' Today it is a trademark sculpture.

Because it seems that it was to be played frequently several years after the defeat, the Japanese seems to have a lot of seasons like "ninth" likes.
It is said that the choir team also adds a large number of performers, so it is said that it will become the earnings earnings by mobilizing all their relatives, but the most important factor of the "ninth" popularity is " It is probably because the wonderful melody of "Song of Joy" exactly matched the sensitivity of Japanese people.
* Image offer: Yokosuka Arts Theater

Beethoven composer, Symphony No. 9.
The premiere is 1824, three years before his death at the age of 56. The last symphony which was completed. It is a story about 200 years ago from now.

By the way, that "ninth". Do you know where the premiere in Japan was done?
How, the POW camp in Tokushima Prefecture!
When it was Taisho 7 (1918).
After the First World WarIt is surprising to say that German soldiers who were captured by the Japanese army in China played. This is the event 100 years ago.
* "Orchestra group photo in auditorium" Image provided by: Naruto German pavilion

Although there is a prestigious orchestra playing on New Year's Eve in Germany, it seems that there is no image of "year end = ninth".
But for Germans and Europeans, "Ninth" seems to exist as more special, very fruitful thing.

When the Vienna State Opera that was destroyed during the war was rebuilt.
The year end in 1989 when the Berlin Wall collapsed.
The following year when East and West Germany reunification.
And above all, the "song of delight" is adopted as a song of the European Union (EU).
The fact that the content of the lyrics of the poet Schiller used in "Song of Joy" is human praise and strongly appeals solidarity of people is a proof that it is a source of hope for the people of Europe.
And the music of Beethoven!
From the late twenties, he was suffering from a hearing disorder, also called musician's life, that he sent letters that he wrote to his acquaintance.
Willingness to create amazingly always seeking newness and suffering accompanying it.
It seems that both ears were almost inaudible at around the age of 40. In other words, "ninth" is composition in such a situation.
Poor physical condition due to hearing loss. A sullly stubborn person.
Anecdote that we are not good at cleaning up the room in habit of being beautiful, and have moved 60 times.
In other words, Beethoven is a man who led a hard life.
That is why idealistic messages such as peace, liberty and solidarity will reach the hearts of people around the world as vivid and more "light of hope" without finishing with every beauty.

Introduction of the first movement reminiscent of the beginning of the universe
Is the second movement a dance of joy and anguish?
Beautiful Third Movement to Heaven
And it begins …
To me, to you and to the world
Sounding, "Song of joy" !!

【Kanagawa Prefecture 'ninth' concert information】

"Kanagawa Prefectural Hall"
■ Music Concert for Young People Yokohama Symphony Orchestra No. 691 Regular Concert
Date and time: Sunday, December 16 (Sun) 14: 00 opening (opening 13:00)
Conducted: Yuushi Funaga
Soprano Takaki Ayano / Alto Liangli Sat / Tenor Shohei Shimoda / Baritone Toshiki Takeuchi
Orchestral music: Yokohama Symphony Orchestra
Chorus: Yokoniko and singing ninth, Yokoniko Choir
Price: 2,000 yen for all seats

■ Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra Performance Concert "Ninth"
Date and time: December 21st (Friday) 19: 00 opening (18: 20 opening)
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(c) Greg Sailor

Conductor: Junichi Hirokami
Soprano Takahashi Eri / Alto Hirayama Rina / Tenor Yoshida Hiroyuki / Baritone Takahito Asai
Orchestral: Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra
Chorus: Kanagawa Phil Choir
Price: S seat 7,000 yen, A seat 5,500 yen, B seat 4,000 yen
Youth (25 years old or younger) Only on the day, each seat type 1,000 yen
Senior (over 70 years old) 10% discount for each seat type

"Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall"
■ Japan Philharmonic Orchestra Ninth Special Concert 2018

Date and time: Saturday, December 15th 18: 00 opening (17: 10 opening)
Conductor: Michi Inoue
Soprano Kan Eizako / Alto Fukuhara Toshifumi / Tenor Nishikori Ken / Baritone Takashi Aikawa
Orchestra: Japan Philharmonic Orchestra
Chorus: Tokyo College of Music
Fees: S seat 9,000 yen, A seat 7,500 yen, B seat 7,000 yen, C seat 6,000, P seat end
Ys (25 years old and under) ¥ 3,500 * Remaining few

Date and time: December 22 (Sat) 18: 00 opening (17: 20 opening)
Conductor: Kenichiro Kobayashi
So Plano Arumo Fumiko / Alto Yamashita Makiko / Tenor Nishikori Ken / Baritone Aoto Knowledge
Orchestra: Japan Philharmonic Orchestra
Chorus: Tokyo College of Music
Fees: S seat 9,000 yen, A seat 7,500 yen, B seat 7,000 yen, C seat 6,000
Gs (65 years old and over) 6,000 yen, Ys (25 years old or younger) 3,500 yen * Remaining few

"Yokosuka Arts Theater"
■ Yokosuka Arts Theater Choir Regular Concert vol.45
Date and time: Sunday, December 9th (Sun) 15: 00 opening (14: 30 opening)

Conductor: Keita Harada
Soprano Keiko Yoshihara / Alto Narita Imi / Tenor Sawasaki Kazue / Baritone Takasuko Takashi
Orchestra: Yokosuka Symphony Orchestra
Chorus: Yokosuka Arts Theater Choir
Price: S seat end, A seat 1,600 yen, B seat 1,100 yen

"Kamakura Art Gallery"
■ Kamakura Art Museum "Ninth" 2018
Date and time: Sunday, December 23 (Sun) 15: 00 opening (14: 15 opening)
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From 2017
performance stage (c) Yosuke Miyamori

Conductor: Eri Suzuki
Soprano Okuma Chikako / Alto Tokunaga Momoko / Tenor Masataka Gosya / Baritone Naoyuki
Orchestral: Kamakura Symphony Orchestra
Chorus: Kamakura Museum of Art "Ninth" 2018 Choir
Price: 2,000 yen for all seats, student (4 to 24 years old or younger) 1,000 yen

"Ebina City Cultural Center"
■ Ebina Beethoven Concert Concerto & Ninth 2018
Piano Concerto No. 4 in G major / No. 9

Date and time: December 15 (Saturday) 16: 00 opening (15: 20 opening) * From 15: 30 Foyer concert by high school choir club
Conductor: Kentaro Kuro
Soprano Rika Kobayashi / Alto Yokose Mari / Tenor Otake Tone / Baritone Naoki Kawada
Orchestra: Tokyo New City Orchestra
Chorus: Chorus group who sings "ninth" with Ebina, Kanagawa prefecture Ebina high school choir club, Kanagawa prefecture Ikuta senior high school Gree club
Price: 4,000 yen for seat A, 3,500 yen for seat A, 3,000 yen for seat B
* Part 2 "Ninth" limited seats 2,000 yen">

"Ayase City Owens Cultural Center"
■ Ayase · Promenade · Concert "Ninth"
Date and time: Sunday, December 16 (Sun) 15: 00 opening (opening at 14:30)
Conductor: Yukio Kitahara
Soprano Satomi Ogawa / Meso · soprano Mayumi Makino / Satoshi Tenor Midorika / Baritone Naoki
Orchestral: Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra
Chorus: Ayase Promenade Concert Choir
Price: 1,000 yen for all seats