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Double Planet 第11話
music Theater / dance

Double Planet Episode 11

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Double Planet
Episode 11 "Please do not cool down"
Satoru Aono (Furutajun & Yota Kanda / Radio Shonan Personality)

"If you can wait here with me until night"

A word from Mr. Tamaru overwhelmed my weaknesses in all directions. Maybe you're reading in your head. I didn't have any money, and I felt sorry for myself because I wanted to go home by dinner. Maybe I have to face Mr. Tamaru. Can't you tell me about "sky and puzzles" unless you face it properly? It was my turn to answer.

"Well, I intended to do that."

I've dressed up. He said he intended to stay from the beginning to the night. Upon hearing that, Mr. Tamaru said, "Oh," to stop laughing. I felt like I was reading in my head again.

"Wait for the stars to appear in the sky tonight."

Mr. Tamaru looked up at the slightly bright sky and said. What is the definition of night in the first place? What time does the night start and what time does the night end? And what time will the stars come out? It was full of things I didn't understand. If you take out your smartphone and look it up on the net, you may find something that seems to be the correct answer. But only tonight, I felt that the correct answer didn't make much sense.

Wait with Mr. Tamaru for the stars to appear here.
Probably the only answer is there.
I was watching the sea with Mr. Tamaru while listening to the sound of the waves in silence.
The sea breeze blew mercilessly and my body was getting cold.
I thought I should have brought my jacket if this happened..
However, when I got on the Enoden, I couldn't imagine what would happen.
Now I have no choice but to accept this cold and situation positively.

Suddenly, I felt a strange coldness on my forehead.
It was a raindrop.
Starting with that, it began to rain.
Raindrops melt into the surface of the sea.

"It's raining ?! It's raining ..."

Mr. Tamaru stood up next to me, who was fluttering.

"Are you going home?"
"Ame shelter"

Mr. Tamaru walked back to the road with Stasta and the sandy beach. I chase after Mr. Tamaru like my dog.

"Where are you going?"
"Next station"

Next to Kamakura High School is Shichirigahama.
Apparently there is a 7-Eleven near the station.
The rain was stronger than before. We were walking fast on the road.
If rain clouds cover the sky, I can tell that there are no stars in the sky. I'm not lucky at all. A sigh is about to leak.

"If you don't like it, you can go home."

Once again, Mr. Tamaru has read my heart.

"Well, I won't go home."

I haven't lost either. I'm desperate to be strong. A man is a strong creature.
I tried to overtake Mr. Tamaru by increasing the speed of walking faster than necessary.
I am dizzy with my childhood.
What on earth am I doing? What on earth are you fighting?
When I think about it, it's the first time I've even walked alongside a girl outside of school.
Do you feel that you don't want to be aware of such shyness?
Then, this time, Mr. Tamaru overtook me with a short run.

"Oh, sa, ki, ni!"

Tamaru-san was quite serious, perhaps because she had ignited something. Maybe I hate it as much as I do. I ran and overtook Mr. Tamaru.

"see you later!"

Mr. Tamaru has increased the speed even furtherた。こうして、僕らは抜きつ抜かれつのデッドヒートを繰り返しながら(楽しみながら)目的地のセブンイレブンにたどり着いた。






















田丸さんは、そう言い残すと店内に入って行った。またしても心の中を読まれたのかもしI can't. What should I do if she buys a shirt and comes back?

As usual, it is raining.
But tonight I'll keep waiting until I see the stars no matter what.
I decided so.

Mr. Tamaru returned with two cans of corn soup clasped in his hand.

"I'll give you one"
"Eh, is that okay?"

I received the can presented in front of me with my right hand.
At that moment, the heat generated by the can of corn soup made my hands bitten.
The fever ran all over my body, slowly warming my heart.

Part of this fever may be the fever of Mr. Tamaru, who had been holding it a while ago.

That night we saw the stars.

"to be continued"

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