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"The north side is fashionable Chigasaki!" Won the Grand Prix of the general section at the movie contest!

At the "All Night Nippon 50th MY HOMETOWN Smartphone Movie Contest", works shot in Chigasaki City won the General Grand Prix in general!

This contest is a style from October 2017 that takes a picture of a place where you feel "hometown" or "your own origin" or a place where you live, and post it with the hashtag "# My Home Town Contest". It has been deployed for one year until September.
The total number of entries is 149 for the fourth term, including 30 works for the first fall, 60 works for the second fall, 21 works for the third fall, 38 works for the fourth fall, and a total of students and the general public. The degree of completion increased with each period, and the total number of application videos played during the contest period seems to have exceeded 150,000 times in total including YouTube / twitter / LINELIVE.
It is "the north side is fashionable Chigasaki!" Which introduced the attraction of Chigasaki "north side" with a musical that won the grand prix that prospered among such excellent works.
It is a wonderful movie that makes you laugh, so please take a look!

"The north side is fashionable Chigasaki!"
Studio Hakuto feat. Megumi Okano & UQ Entertainment