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Aim for a vertex, to one! "The 4th National High School Japan Avenue Street Dance Battle"

(TOP image) Winning team's "Divast" (Kanagawa Prefectural Kawasaki Kita High School)

"The 4 th National High School Japan Avenue Street Dance Battle" was held on November 4 th, 2018 (Sunday, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa prefectural government pre-special stage) on Japan Avenue (Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi).
In the competition, high school students across the country who won the qualifying competed for entertainment and skills of street dance such as hip hop, jazz hip hop, rocking, popping, breaking, house and so on.

The Kanto preliminary contest was held from 9:00 am, 30 teams who won the online contest showed their skills at the Japan Boulevard Special Stage. After the Kanto qualifying event, guests of the performance of the Fukushima Prefecture Yumoto High School Hula Dance Team, who won the award at the "8th Hula Girls Koshien", and the "Former Action" boasting tremendous popularity for those who aim for dancers and dancers There was a showcase.

Fukushima Prefecture Yumoto High School Hula Dance Team "alt =" "width =" 800 "height =" 489 "/>" Former Action "Guest Showcase
From the left, Jury KITE, Mr. MADOKA

While the stage skidded due to rain, show off improvisation performance.
Students gazing at the performance of a longing dancer.

Kitchen cars and Miyagi prefecture · Fukushima prefecture product exhibition opened in Japan main street!
"Came from Fukushima. Civitan" The Civitan issue is acting to spread the Fukushima prefecture product along with the Fukushima Prefecture Reconstruction symbol character "Kivitan".

Popular dishes in Sendai Morning Market "Miura"
Fried from Sendai miso and boasted Ishinomaki Yakisoba with B-1 Grand Prix winning prize.

gncenter size - full wp - image - 141685 "src =" "alt =" "width =" 800 "height =" 590 "/> Fried chicken" ROCKET CHICKEN "

In addition, cafe and crepe kitchen cars were also opened.

Due to rainy weather, the national competition is held from the afternoon to the Yokohama Port Opening Memorial Hall of the indoor venue and moved to a location.
"Magcal dance connect" was canceled unfortunately.

Start from Kanto preliminary result announcement
(Jury) From the second from the right, DJ HIROKING, SaUrl, Revety YUI

The sign language interpreter was on the stage.

Venue landscape after Kanto preliminary result announcement announcement. The appearance of the teacher who was crying so much with joy was impressive.

With support from the bleachers' enthusiasm, the venue is one.

p: // "alt =" "width =" 800 "height =" 533 "/> Guest show by" Revety " Case (right: TAKARA, left: YUI)

The national tournament was held for one team of Hokkaido and Tohoku who won the online contest, four Kansai delegates who won the preliminary rounds held in various places, two teams of Kyushu delegates, and eight teams who won the Kanto qualifying in the morning A total of 15 teams competed.

Opening remarks by Kuroiwa Kanagawa prefectural governor

Last year, the winning flag was returned from the winning team "waiwai" last year's 2nd consecutive year

Performance by "waiwai"

Are the national competitions really high school students? I thought that I thought that the level was high, I was drawn into the world much, I felt like I got more power from the students. I think that it was hard for the judges to score too.
From the team that entered the national tournament, the winner, the second winner, the third place, the fourth place, the fifth place, the sixth place were announced and awarded.

"Divast (Kanagawa Prefecture Kawasaki Kita High School)"

Team captain Nakamura says that practicing dancing was deciding time with student priority, other than intensive exercises before the convention.

second place
"Sonam (Kyoto Bunkyo Senior High School)"

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3rd place
"Lil lock (Tungko Gakuen High School)"

No. 4
"SJDC. (Sendai Seongnam High School)"

No. 5
"FUNKY ☆ QB (School corporation Seika Gakuen Tsing Hua Girls High School)"

No. 6
"Peafowl (Osaka City Peninsular High School)"

Review from judges

The judges talked about the importance of what is gained by doing dance (club activities) based on their own experiences, and the students were sending the ale from now on.

(Judge people) From the right Judge chairperson KITE, MARI KODA, Mr. SALLY, SUZUKI YUSUKE

"Japan high school Japan avenue street dance battle" where future stars may be born from here. At the next time, the level may be even higher. I am really looking forward to it now!

"The 4th National High School Japan Avenue Street Dance Battle"
[Date and time] November 4, 2018 (Sunday) Kanto Qualifying 9: 00 - National Tournament 14: 00 -
[Venue] Yokohama
Japan Boulevard Kanagawa Prefectural Government Office · Yokohama City Open Port Memorial Hall
[Organizer] The 4th National High School Japan Avenue Street Dance Battle Executive Committee