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Video Theater / dance Lecture / Workshop

We will release a dance lesson video that you can do at home for seniors!

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(TOP image) Shooting / Editing Isao Kanemaki

Yuko Ando, who has danced at the forefront of the world,
To prevent infection with the new coronavirus, etc.
We support seniors who have less chance to go out to improve their illness.

In Kanagawa Prefecture, we are supporting the realization of a symbiotic society through the efforts of Magnet Culture (Magcal), which attracts people with the charm of culture and art and creates the liveliness of the region. At home, as part of the "Coexistence and Co-creation Project," which allows everyone, from children to adults, to participate in and enjoy performing arts, regardless of disability or age, we have incorporated movements that are easier for seniors to practice. We will publish a free dance lesson video that you can do. Let's solve the lack of exercise with daily lessons and work on improving the pre-illness.

《Background for video creation》
Currently, in the senior dance project "Challenge of the Silver," which is being implemented as a "symbiotic co-creation project," we are refraining from activities such as workshops to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection. As seniors have fewer opportunities to go out and are more likely to lack exercise, even those who have never participated in the workshop can feel the charm of dance and have fun working on improving their pre-illness.・ We have decided to create and publish a dance video that can be easily done at home, planned and performed by Yoko Ando, who has danced at the forefront of the world and is a lecturer at the "Of the Silver" workshop.

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