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Theater and dance

Four groups perform a regional colorful musical! "Kanagawa Prefecture theater drama musical" public competition report <the first part>

The best group is this show too!
4 groups show a musical full of local love

Do you know that Kanagawa has about 20 musical groups rooted in the community?

January 29th, “Magnet Culture,” which attracts people with the attraction of culture and art, and creates regional excitement, or “Magcal” for short, will hold an open competition of “local theater musicals” full of local love. did. The appearances are 4 groups that passed the primary screening. The best group was able to stage the show in summer, so they showed off a hot stage.

Local theater musical

The jury members are Norimasa Fujisawa (singer), Koji Sugimoto (President, Representative Director, Zepp Live Co., Ltd.) and Mr. Junichi Katsuno (Deputy Director of the Theater Business of the Japan Film and Drama Culture Association) and Director of the Musical Academy. Prior to the performance, the governor of Koji Kuroiwa "I would like to further refine the region-based musical from now on. I want to invite people to the regional theater musical when the customers from all over the world come from the Tokyo Olympics etc." There was a greeting of


Yokohama citizen children musical "Yokohama 3 tower cat story"

Top batter is "Yokohama citizen children musical" reaching the fourth year of establishment. The family love of cats was depicted in the story teller, "Yokohama Three Towers" of King, Queen and Jack who watch over the city of Yokohama.

Yokohama three tower cat story

Male cat Shin who lost hope of life triggered by the death of mother cat. Eventually Shin recalls the saying, "If you make a wish at a place where you can see Yokohama three towers simultaneously, that wish will come true". During that time, my sister May falls from the cliff ......!

Yokohama three tower cat story

While incorporating Yokohama-related episodes such as the Yokohama Three Towers and the dance hall of a cat, this work has been finished into a lovely musical with many cats appearing. People at the venue also gave a big applause for the children dressed as cats to dance lively.