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Don't say that it's old-fashioned! A sagami doll play that is fun to watch, do and create

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Go, see, feel the world of art
File.23 Kanagawa Prefectural Youth Center "Sagami Doll Play Competition"
Miyuki Inoue (Magical Editor)

I'm interested in "traditional performing arts," but it was a little expensive and inaccessible.
However, seeing Kagura and puppet shows at local festivals, etc., gave me an atmosphere that everyone was enjoying casually, and it was somewhat enviable.
If you think so, there is a region in Kanagawa prefecture called `` Sagami puppet show '' where folk art is transmitted, and it is said that it has been enjoyed for generations. This is the only way to go!
That's why I immediately visited the training room.

Currently active are Shimonakaza (Odawara City), Haseza (Atsugi City) and Rinza (Atsugi City), which are designated as important national intangible folk cultural properties, and Maejimaza (which is designated by the prefecture) Hiratsuka) and Ashigara (Minami Ashigara). In February, the Sagami puppet show contest, where the Goza congregates, will be held.

This time, I visited Shimonakaza, based in Kotake, Odawara City. It is one of the most active groups in the Goza district, and its 35-member seats range in age from teens to 80s.
In addition, while many groups limit their seats to local people, Shimonakaza is widely open to applicants, so some members are attracted to puppet shows and come from Hachioji, Tokyo. Interestingly, Sagami puppet shows are so attractive.

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Sagami puppet shows, like Bunraku, are basically composed of three dolls. Sending your neck and right hand is the "master". The left hand is left-handed, and both feet are foot-operated. The master tells the movement of the doll with a clear intention, but it is not possible to give verbal instructions, so it is important for the three to breathe together.

Mr. Minako Hayashi, a researcher, had a sense of danger when he worked on a Sagami puppet show as a researcher, "it may disappear as it is", and he has taken over the chair and focused on training successors. Partly because of this, the environment has been set up so that young people can easily enter and grow up, for example by cooperating with the prefectural Ninomiya High School "Sagami Doll Club".

"It seems to be very fresh for the younger generation. I never thought I could manipulate a doll like a cultural property with my own hands, so I wonder if I actually try it (laughs). Although each one has its own personality, there are young men in Shimonakaza, so I would like to actively play “eras.” The movement is dynamic and easy to understand, so you can enjoy it without any prior knowledge. ”

The tour was not performed at the Sagami Doll Play Competition, "Kara Precedent Hagi ( Meiboku Sendaihagi )", but instead of the new "Sokamono"Training of the language. There was an old-fashioned image of folk performing arts (sorry!), But it might be a little surprising to create new works by ourselves.
On this day, Ms. Mojiro Yoshida of Bunrakuza was invited to give advice on the production of the new work, etc., as well as guidance on doll management techniques.

It seems that there are many differences in how to use dolls in the same three-person puppet show between Bunrakuza in Osaka culture and Sagami puppet show lower middle theater in Edo culture, but Mr. Minojiro has a bad influence on each other's tradition. It seems that he will give advice with care so that there is no.

I'm looking forward to "Gara Sakidai Hagi" to be performed at the Sagami Puppet Show in February, but I'm also worried about the new work that I've been working on for three years. I can't wait for the spring release.

During the break time, catch the young girls of expectation! There were many opportunities for participation, such as meeting in an elementary school experience classroom or seeing seniors sending dolls and thinking, "It's cool!" What they have in common is the simple feeling that "it was fun to play".
"Are there few people?When I thought that there seemed to be a chance for me, this was more fun than I expected (laughs). It has continued all the time. ''
He laughed carelessly and showed me the “head” of “pear splitting”.

When it breaks from the forehead part, the inside is bright red and the centerpiece is Kyorokyoro.
It seems to be the so-called “Kanare” role, but it may surprise you because it suddenly breaks. But, although it was grotesque, it was humorous somewhere, so I just laughed.

Folk entertainments, which were arbitrarily assumed to be “high threshold”, seem to be a very friendly world. First of all, we need to see the stage in February when Goza meets together. So, if you're a bit surprised, maybe next year I'll aim to be on the stage.

The 47th Sagami Doll Play Competition
[Date] February 11, 2020 (Tuesday / Holiday) 12:30 (Opening 12:00, end of 16:35)
[Venue] Kanagawa Prefectural Youth Center Hall
[Capacity] 750 people
[Fee] Free (advance application required)
[How to apply] Fill out the following necessary information on one round-trip postcard and send it to the application destination. Up to two people can apply at the same time with one postcard. In the case of a large number of applications, it will be a lottery. Replies are scheduled for late January. The return postcard reply will be used as an admission ticket (reserved seat), so please bring it to the venue on the day.
● Postal code
● Address
● Name
● Phone number
● Number of participants (up to 2 people)
● Participant name
● Please write the reply address (reply side) and apply for a round-trip postcard.
[Address] ¥ 250-8555 300 Ogikubo, Odawara City Odawara City Cultural Properties Division
[Application deadline] Wednesday, January 15 * Postmark valid (many lotteries)
[Organizer] Sagami Puppet Show Association Secretariat (Odawara City Cultural Properties Division)
[Inquiries] 0465 -33-1717 <Sagami Puppet Show Association Secretariat (Odawara City Cultural Properties Division)>

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