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Yokosuka Arts Theater 

Go, see, feel the art world
File.2 Yokosuka Arts Theater Backstage Tour

The Yokosuka Arts Theater is a fulfilling hall with a large theater in the domestic, with a few authentic opera house specifications. On the stage, top stars from various fields ranging from classic music to classical performing arts, including the Maestro and Ozawa Seiji that Japan is proud of worldwide, have been spotlighting.
I heard that "Backstage Tour" that can observe such admired theaters to every corner is heard, GO without hesity!
The gathering is an entrance near the entrance of the parking lot. When I pushed open the heavy door and entered it, there was a huge space where the large trailer could be stored entirely. It is said that there was such a place where you do not notice day by day ....

Immediately beside the floor under the stage of the big theater, so-called "Naraku" is approaching. The main stage urgency to carry the stage equipment and equipment to the stage is to build up to 25 tons.
Since there are many dangerous places when approaching behind the scenes, everyone firmly listens to the notes during the tour.
And finally, ride the large elevator that can hold up to 4 tons to the upper floor!
P1070691mini.jpg "alt =" "width =" 4000 "height =" 3000 "/> When you get off the elevator on the 3rd floor, it is the stage sleeve of the big theater, a bright light ring is made in the middle of the stage A bright red opera curtain is descending.
From nowhere, I can hear the orchestra's tuning sound and the audience buzzing ...

When the curtain opens with spectacular music, 1806 seats are overlooked to the balcony on the upper floor!
A moment of deep emotion suitable for "opening the door" of the back stage tour!
After taking a commemorative photo with all the participants, they were divided into two groups, each to experience the stage mechanism.
The team remaining on the stage first experienced the operation of art baton.
Far far above the stage, there are 50 "artistic batons" that hang equipment and curtains. Experience the operation of raising and lowering this baton on the console. Somehow pounding.

A dazzling spotlight on the stage where it got dimmer in the morning ...!
According to the explanation, members of the team which went up to the upper floor earlier are operating the spotlight.
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It does not matter who is illuminating. It is a never-seen opportunity to take a spotlight on the stage of the opera house specification. I overcome the glare and embarrassment and enjoy the feeling of Prima donna.
I am a star!
As I further took the elevator and went up to the 7th floor, I got into the space called "Gallery" above the stage. Backstage behind the scenes with lighting equipment and stage equipment suspended. When I look down at the stage, my eyes are dazzling, and it is still nervous.

Next you will go through the maze behind the scenes to the pin spot room.
Next time we will follow the members of the other team with a spotlight. Let's tries to teach the operation method one by one one by one!

Next, we all went to the auditorium to see a demonstration of the stage organization.
What appears on the stage are colorful light ramblings and tools such as artistic batons, curtains and pianos. Even though they just fluctuate according to music and dance and dance, what And dramatic!

Although it is creating such a diversified scene, it is said that only a part of it utilizes it from the whole stage organization of the big theater. How much possibility do you possess? Awesome! Yokosuka Arts Theater!

In a nice demonstration suitable for calling "showtime", I felt the skill of the staff who supported the stage and the deep affection for the stage.
And, "I want to come to the concert this summer" "I want to see the stage of traditional performing arts", the idea expanded in my mind.

And, I personally had a very interested visit to a dressing room.
There are also large houses that can be used by more than 10 people, medium size private rooms used by protagonists acting with managers, and small rooms that the Maestro prefer to enhance their concentration. As expected, there is only a theater of the opera house specification, and the dressing room is also diverse.
Is Seiji Ozawa also sitting on this sofa ... and the delusions spread arbitrarily.
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And finally to the orchestra pit before the stage. When we perform opera and ballet, the orchestra is the space to spin out dreamlike music.
Maestro of the world stood on this command board, it caught the audience 's cheerfulness ... and, again, a delusion.

When I closed my eyes, I felt that the tuning of the orchestra and the rumbling of the audience seemed faintly heard at the beginning of the tour.

The back stage tour of the Yokosuka Arts Theater is held irregularly. Since the schedule will be announced on the website etc., please check it.

Next time will be held on November 13 (Tue) to be held!

Also, during the summer holiday, tours for children are planned, so we recommend here as well.
"Theater backside exploration tour for children"
August 21 (Tuesday), 22 (Wed)

For details and participation application check the homepage!

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    Yokosuka Arts Theater

    Yokosuka Arts Theater

    The Yokosuka Arts Theater is the site of the birthplace of Japan's jazz after the war as a place to connect culture and people who enrich the lives of the citizens of Yokosuka. · In February 1994 (1994) at the site of the EM Club (US Navy Weapons Club) It opened. EM Club is the birthplace of jazz in Japan after the war, and worldwide entertainers such as Louis Armstrong and so on frequently visited the performances right after the end of the war. Also, musicians such as George Kawaguchi, Nobuo Hara and other representatives of Japan played a hot performance later, and they sent out authentic American scent music all over the country.

    It consists of theaters with two different faces, the big theater (Yokosuka Arts Theater) and the small theater (Yokosuka · Bayside · Pocket). Since opening, it has performed numerous performances including domestic and foreign major opera, ballet, classical music, It is the base of Yokosuka's existence as a base for artistic culture and crowds.

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      Yokosuka Arts Theater
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      【Closed】 Second Wednesday, and New Year's Holiday
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      Yes (Payable underground parking lot <Bay square parking>) * Because the underground parking lot is a general parking lot, it is very crowded depending on the days of the week and time zones. Particularly cars exceeding 1.7 m in height may not be parked, so please be careful.