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This season's season! An attractive gallery with shaved ice

Kanagawa Gallery Sanpo
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( Yomoto Yamamoto / Galley Watts)

"This year is too hot!" Says like a whistle every year, but this summer I felt so dangerous. It is a bit cooler and relieved, but it is still an oil ban.
This season, I'm glad that shaved ice is a helping person.
So, let's go to the gallery where shaved ice is a specialty!

"Gallery a" near Aobadai Station of Denentoshi Line. Under the stylish iron logo, the flag sways like beckoning. Just by looking at the iconic, bright red letters, is it only me that tension is rising?
It's sweaty, so it's "for now!"

The shaved ice in gallery a is "fluffy" and scrapes the ice with a very thin blade. The beautiful thing that ice piles in the glass!
And of course the syrup is handmade. A recipe for honey of miso is extremely secret. When I ordered Uji Kimi, I made a match with the matcha green tea carefully and cooked it slowly. The balance between bitterness and sweetness is exquisite and gentle.
It looks like a food report However, here is the shaved ice unique to the gallery that sticks to the spirit of manufacturing.

Now that I have settled down, I look around the gallery slowly. A cotton cloth with a nice linen texture and a basket made of vine grapes. At this time, it seems that items of regular summer are lined up so that you can spend a pleasant summer.

And on the other side of the store, there is a black corner for some reason.

"In fact, there are a lot of court events in summer, and there is a customer's request" that I want a nice thing in the summer clothes, "said the owner.
I see, there was such a background that it was all black.
"It's light, but it has the character of an adult" Summer formal style. The bag of sharkskin that I can have as a lifetime was also nice.

And, when I shift my eyes, a picture of Mr. Milocoma Chiko, energetic, is behind the lighting of Tohi-matsu pottery where sheer sense of sheerness of porcelain is beautiful.
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gallery a is a select shop at a certain time, a gallery at a certain time, a movie screening at a certain time, and so on.
The concept of being flexible, yet stable, is "making, a place to carefully convey the aspirations of the express person".

In autumn, a pottery show by Nobuyuki Ishioka, a ceramic artist with many fans, is being organized.
Oh yeah, shaved ice is likely to be eaten until mid September if it doesn't get too cold quickly.

"Gallery Information"
gallery a

〒 227-0055
23-8 Aza-ku, Aoba-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture
TEL: 045-984-3318

* Opening hours: 11:00 to 18:00
* Opening Tuesday

下 Get off at Aobadai Station on the Tokyu Denentoshi Line. 6 minutes on foot