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Now the library is hot! Sneak into the library construction tour (shooting in the shop OK)!

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Now, the library is hot ! Sneak into the library construction tour ( shooting in the shop OK) !

Miyuki Inoue

Attention to architecture is increasing, such as the Ueno National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo being registered as a World Heritage Site. I looked around and thought about it, I noticed that there are wonderful buildings in Kanagawa Prefecture. It is the Kanagawa Prefectural Library.
Maekawa Kunio of the design is one of the leading architects in Japan who studied under the master of the architectural world, Le Corbusier and also worked on the detail design of the Western art museum designed by Corbusier. I would like to say that with a big voice, the opening of the prefectural library is 1954. Before the Western Museum of Art (opened in 1959)! Kanagawa Prefecture may be amazing.
An observation tour of such a wonderful building was carried out. Sometimes it was a special project to be held on holidays, so it is OK to shoot the inside of the building where we usually need to apply. I have to go for this!

Because it is a closed day on the day of the tour, I head towards the entrance of the new building on the south side (the youth center side) instead of the front entrance. By the way, I appreciate the outer wall of the main building. A hollow brick covered form called "hollow brick" is beautiful.
The current hollow brick was updated when I carried out renovation work in 2011, but it seems that I could not update everything because of the budget problem. For this reason, unfortunately the mesh pattern has disappeared before the employee voucher portrait shown in the picture .

On the tour tour, first of all, valuable film that shows the state at the time of building was appreciated. Even though it is a reinforced concrete building, I am touched by mostly being built by hand.
By the way, it was Mr. Kito Azusa who was the staff of the Maekawa architectural office who took command of the library design. He later designed the National Diet Library and is known as a pioneer of library architecture.

Go to the general reading room with the guidance of the staff.
The large colonnade is open and cozy. It is convincing that there is a person who called "Karuizawa like like" when looking at the green garden spreading outside the window.
On the outside of the large glass surface, the bent louvers are arranged in order, and at the same time as supporting the building, it prevents the western sun from being plugged into the hall.

This is the reading room on the second floor. Looking at "Holoblick" from inside it is such a scenery. It is designed to prevent sunlight in the summer while capturing warm natural light in the winter, while keeping constant privacy by preventing gaze from the outside.
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Hollow brick from outside again. By painting the inside white, sunlight is reflected and it also has the function of making the brightness of the room uniform.
The original seems to have been burned in the kiln of Aichi prefecture, but the restored version was baked in Shigaraki. Because neither the soil nor the kiln original at that time remained, it seems that it restored and restored the prototype of the glaze repeatedly.

At the time of opening, the chair was also designed original. It is said to be a design pursuing the most suitable form to read a book, but unfortunately the original is not left.
What is currently in the reading room was reprinted based on materials. It seems that it has been reprinted faithfully, so please sit down and realize it.

A stairway rising from the main entrance to the second floor. Maekawa architectural features are said to be appearing in the handrail shape and coloring that are easy to grasp.

Sneak into the library which I can not usually enter!
One and two layers of the library are installed through a bookshelf. In other words, it is said that the bookshelf penetrates by two layers, thereby also playing a role of enhancing building strengthKei.

Try looking under the bookshelf from the upper layer, you can see the bookshelf in the lower layer from the gap. Somehow strange ….

Mr. Yamashita, who helped guide the library architecture tour (shooting in the shrine OK). On that day, I decided on the fashion of "green, black, yellow" which is the basic color of library building. It is truly!

When I look back from the music building side, I noticed that "Kanagawa Prefectural Library" is displayed on the building main body. It is majestic and beautiful.

I have always been indebted to the library, but I am admired that the comfortable space is filled with the ideas and enthusiasm of architects who are leading the times.

By the way, since the renovation work is underway at the same time, I would like to take this opportunity again.

Kanagawa Prefectural Library (Konohagaoka)

Public library that collects and provides social / humanities, Kanagawa, audiovisual materials etc

Architecture is based on the design of Maekawa Kunio who studied from the master of modern architecture, Le Corbusier, and is considered to be the flag hand of postwar modernism architecture. A space that is flowing in and out of the building is created by shifting the building and the music building built as a complex, and by using a large glass sash or a brick block with holes, it becomes a space full of brightness and transparency ing. A work representative of the ideal architectural design method "Technical Approach" based on industrialization advocated by Maekawa. Received the Architectural Institute of Japan Prize in 1954. It is selected for construction of modern movement in Japan by DOCOMOMO. (Reference: "Maekawa Kunio Architectural Exhibition Archive" 100th Birth · Kunio Maekawa Architectural Exhibition Executive Committee 2005)

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    Kanagawa Prefectural Library (Konohagaoka)
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    Kanagawa prefecture Yokohama-shi Nishi-ku Konohagaoka 9-2
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    (Saturdays, Sundays, holidays) 9: 00-17: 00 【Closed Monday】 Monday (open when it falls as a holiday), on the second Thursday (however, When it falls on a holiday, next Friday), New Year's holidays, General document inspection period
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    Regular car: 1 car 30 minutes 200 yen after every 30 minutes 200 yen Large size car: 1 car 30 minutes 460 yen each after 30 minutes 460 yen (transfer for each facility user, 15 minutes for returning library materials etc. Parking for less than under parking and parking for disabled people is free)