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Theater / dance
Tanishi Hiroshi's Danceable LIFE Vol.4

Things to notice by "teaching"
Hirokazu Tachibata (dancer / choreographer)

I have been teaching jazz dance at university for about 3 years. The motivation was that guest appeared on the role of Carabos on the "Sleeping Beauty" of the Yanomoko Ballet Company. I learned very much that I did not think of being able to call a full-scale work like classical ballet stage, directing and choreographing to former principal of Russian Kirov Ballet team.
From that point of view, I was asked to say "Will you take charge of a jazz dance lesson at Shizuko Gakuen Music College?"
Actually, in the twenties, I have taught for a short time at the culture center, but hurdles are expensive when it comes to university lessons. There was also a thought that "I do not have much time" because I want to dance and still dance. However, we rarely get such opportunities. Since dancing can not be kept as entities like pictures and music, I thought that I thought it would be nice if I could tell the young generation what I had worn so far.
The problem is "What to tell". As I am not an elite as a dancer, it is not a technical example. I think that it is good to have a challenge from why you call me out, but I do have the courage to teach the students.
I talked to an acquaintance who is teaching at university, "I do not have to teach, but II hope to show the figure that minute is dancing. " What is sought is to show the posture that you faced dancing, how to capture it and leave it to the students to learn it. I was pushed back by that word and began to take charge of classes.

Three years have passed since I started thinking that if I saw the way I danced and steal it, I would like to express my own expression through dancing, how to put out my presence, and so on. I had no experience of the teacher, and holding the class while holding the stage was a difficult thing, so I thought that I would like to quit soon.

Apparently, I do not dislike teaching.

I do not think it is being taught well, and sometimes I feel troublesome. But I am happy to see the students growing step by step, I feel love. Even my own was surprising.
I will be presenting my first graduate this spring. I am really looking forward to seeing how they will work hard in the outside world.

I do not know what will happen to the world as I was forced to play the stage by injury. No matter how you stand, you can not do it when you are out of time. I think everything positively and I will try as much as I can.

Cooperation with photography: Don Giovanni